Last Night On Earth

  • Last Night on Earch Players:(2-6)


    Learning Curve : C

    • Many rules
    • Non-Intuitive in many ways

    Fun Factor : C

    • Some scenarios are amazingly fun to play
    • Some scenarios feel rather one-sided

    Replay Value : C

    • Certain scenarios evoke a 'just once more' feeling
    • Some scenarios feel like you are cheated [Unfair]

    Component Quality : B+

    • Good quality Components overall
    • Usually hard to determine which mini represents what


    I am a huge fan of zombie games overall. When I saw this on the shelves I had a good feeling. Picking it up I quickly wrangled some friends into playing the game. We found the rules somewhat overwhelming at first and made numerous errors that we found later. After playing for a while we ended up playing all of the scenarios and found that an unfair advantage is given to either Zombies or Humans in most of them making it difficult to not feel robbed at some times based upon certain rules for scenarios. When the game is going well it is a fun romp through a zombie movie. When luck begins to be the major player however you may find frustration instead of fun. Overall I enjoy the game for all of its faults but you must definately be able to get past the one-sided scenarios and have fun for the sake of fun instead of the sake of winning.

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