Dungeons and Dragons : Castle Ravenloft

  • Dungeons and Dragons : Castle Ravenloft


    Learning Curve : A

    • Very Intuitive if you have played 4E
    • Easy to Pick up and go without large amounts of setup

    Fun Factor : B-

    • Random dungeon layout and class choices add variety
    • Its like playing 4E without as many choices

    Replay Value : B

    • A large amount of scenarios adds a lot of variety
    • Some scenarios are unplayable without correct player #
    • Players who dislike 4E may not want to play this

    Component Quality : B+

    • Good quality Components overall
    • Standard Plastic Non-Color Game pieces


    Sometimes there are games you hate to love, evoking a feeling of shame and enjoyment simultaneously [For me this is probably Pokemon], while sometimes there are games you love to hate [4E evokes within me a feeling of could-have-been, I constantly compare it to it's brother 3E which took on the 'family business' of role playing while 4E jaunted off to become something akin to an Action RPG]. Castle Ravenloft takes the thrill of a hack-and-slash and combines it with 4E to provide the experience many older dungeon crawls presented. Crawling through a haunted crypt, beset by a DM who really hates the character you chose to play, at every turn being spurred forward by the fear of total destruction until finally you accomplish the objective. It even comes with healing surge tokens which more or less represent the total lives everyone can lose before the game ends. With the right people you will have a lot of fun working through the various scenarios, if you can convince your players to provide accents to the characters who have 'Boldly' [a.k.a. Foolishly] decided to invade Strahd's Basement all the better. Have a blast bring some friends and let go of all stress with this fun little board game, however keep in mind if you play 4E it may leave players wondering why they are not playing that instead.

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