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  • My gf and I are looking for a couple of members or a group to start up a roleplaying campaign with. We're in our late 20s, and while we have played both ADnD and Shadowrun in the past, neither of us have touched them for a number of years, so we're currently catching up on the latest editions of each.

    We're looking for mature players with a good sense of humor. Ideally we'd get together one night a week. Whether you're new to RPGs or experience, are looking to be a player character or a DM, we'd love to hear from you to put together a great group of people for some good old roleplaying fun.

    If you'd like to know more, or are interested in joining then you can reply to this post, or contact myself at


  • Hi my name is Kirk and Ive been looking for a shadowrun team for a while. Ive had books for years and know most of the rules and history, but ive never accualy played! I can never seem to get a full team, not to mention im really busy most of the time with work FT and starting a lil biz, thats its hard to find time to put the runs together (a large task).
    I would love to find a great group and can comit to once a week most weeks, so lets det ahold of eachother and mabey see if we can make this happen:) Im 25 and have been RPGin off and on since i was a rascle and have played a variety of them, but this is the one Ive really always wanted to get into.

    Call me at (250) 681-3865 or email me at

  • I'd be willing to GM some sessions of Shadowrun.

  • Thats great news:D Have you GMed Shadowrun much or are you just kinda getting into it too? Lets get in touch soon! gimmy a call or leave me your #, tty soon chummer… :P

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