Tyler's Trade Thread

  • I also really, really need some grand architects for friday else I can't play. Either borrow, trade or buy.

  • I have 3 for i can part with

  • What would you like for them Joe?

  • if your going to fnm tomorrow ill just look at your stuff there. option 3 is a possibility.

  • edit
    nvm, found one, thanks

  • Sorry real-life stuff came up that prevented me from coming to either event. I will try to be at FNM next week. I've also updated my lists now.

  • i could also use your 3x green sun's zenith. i can meet at the shop whenever. doesnt have to be an fnm. just let me know. and i have a mindslaver as well

  • I won't be able to come till FNM. I have work till 5 at the earliest all week…

  • alrighty well ill see you there then.

  • I have a Revoker and a Mindslaver, want your 2 Serra Ascendant.

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • I have the Emperion and Id be willing to trade for the Geth, Lord of the Vault but I wont be at this friday. (I am stopping by on Tuesday this week tho)

  • @insaniac:

    I have a Revoker and a Mindslaver, want your 2 Serra Ascendant.

    Done. I'll be there this afternoon before the event.

  • Ive got steel overseers up for grabs, three of them but I'm looking for spellskite or razorverge thickets

  • Still looking? I want your Blade Splicer. I have a few of your wants.

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