Infinite Combos

  • So New Phyrexia is here and with come some devastating cards to T2 and Extended including some for infinite combos, which when in game play aren't actually considered infinite but thats beside the fact. So far I have counted four infinite combos:

    Splinter Twin | Deceiver Exarch
    Suture Priest | Lenonin Relic-Warder | Metamorph
    Bloodchief Ascension | Mindcrank
    Hellkite Charger | Sword of Feast and Famine (Pre-NPH)

    Do you know of any more standard combos?

  • Xenograft | Turntimber Ranger
    Myr Galvanizer x2 or 1 + Metamorph | Mana Myr x2

    Janky win combo = Phyrexian Unlife | Phyrexian Mana Sink | Repay in Kind or Soul Conduit

  • At xenograft, that is hilarious.

  • Ok so this is the stupidest combo I could think of in standard that's infinite. All the good ones are already taken.

    Ok so listen carefully! It's not the easiest combo to pull off.
    Deceiver Exarch….seems legit right?
    Bazaar Trader....really?
    Electropotence....ok now what?
    Crypt of Agadeem with 10 black creatures in your graveyard OR..
    Everflowing Chalice with 8 counters on it.
    Priest of Urabrask
    Sembalance Anvil imprinting a creature
    Khalni Gem

    Set up: 1)Give your opponent Dissipation Field.

    1. Set up the large mana source and get anvil into play. Get a blue source
    2. Get electropotence into play with priest and exarch in your hand.

    Combo: 1) Play priest for R to get RRR use 2R to shock your opponent. It returns to your hand.

    1. Play Exarch for U to untap the large mana source and pay 2R to ping your opponent. It returns to your hand
    2. do 1 and 2 again except untap the Khalni Gem instead of the large mana source.
    3. Continue until opponent is dead or use mana and untapping to do stupid stuff.

    Results: Each loop costs 4U so the Exarch needs to untap 8UU worth of mana in 2 iterations.


  • @jadedz
    all u seem to be missing in your infinite combo is the myr propogator
    that way each time u go up to 4 mana u make a copy and do it all again then u have infinate mana and tokens

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