World of Warcraft TCG Players

  • Hello!

    Me and my fiancee are looking for anymore local WoW TCG players. Hoping to get enough people interested in playing to possibly start up some battlegrounds (lots of fun, and all of the supplies and prizes to host one are covered by cryptozoic!)

    There are two of us now, and a few more people interested at our work that we're going to speak with.

    If you're interested in TCG's, it plays like Magic the Gathering - though there are a LOT more creative deck options and not one deck that will win everytime (check out the latest 2011 asia pacific tournament standings). As well, top ranking tournament decks typically cost up to 1/10th the cost of magic tournament decks, and the prize money is the same if not more.

    It's a really fun and strategic game, so if you're interested - please let me know! :D


  • hey siberia, im also looking for a battlegrounds to start up in kelowna. I really dont wanna have to drive to kamloops to play this game. I know of at least 6 other people who would also be interested in playing in a battlegrounds.

  • i picked up 2 decks recently-ish to see what it was, kinda cool. id be interested in learning the game

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  • I just joined these forums looking for WoW TCG players and i found this thread… I am 100% interested, my brother as well. my e-mail is let me know whats up :)

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