Another Standard Deck. Red Jank/Junk/Scrap.

  • The idea is red deck wins meets artifact, but unique to kudortha red. The idea is to provide various sacrifice outlets and artifacts like the 2 wellsprings and use them to pump up slag fiend and scrapyard salvo. I am at the moment trying to avoid proliferating shenanegans, but will consider them for a similar deck with different style. The deck will run the following cards:

    Slag Fiend
    Scrapyard Salvo
    Phyrexia's Core

    Panic Spellbomb
    Ichor Wellspring
    Mycosynth Wellspring

    Lightning Bolt
    Burst Lightning

    Perilous Myr
    Necrogen Sensor

    Myr Sire
    Vulshok Replica
    Tumble Magnet
    Pierce Strider
    Tezzeret's Gambit

    The deck should be able to draw enough gas to start wearing down the opponent and then finish them off with a scrapyard to the face. That card alone looks like it will be doing around 6 damage for 3 mana each game. I think getting a good draw with a mix of cards would be strong enough to kill people.

    It's not a super fast deck, but this version would have enough card advantage and threat density to get 20 damage in.

    Since the deck shouldn't have much of a problem getting to 4-6 mana, I may want to put some nice beef in there.
    Kuldotha Phoenix, Magmaw or Moltensteel Dragon would do the trick. Each one would put a little different spin on the deck.

    Changing the deck to a proliferate deck for a few really nice cards might have to be done.
    Those cards are:
    Culling Dias
    Kudortha Rebirth (not awful now with dias)
    Contagion Clasp
    Tumble Magnet
    Volt Charge
    Tezzeret's Gambit
    Necrogen's Sensor

  • Shrine of burning rage seems like it would be good.

  • yes for sure!

  • I have been testing new RDW with shrine and it's the real deal. Also kills pro red things and titans if you have to



  • that shrine is deadly when used correctly.

  • problem. that has 8 memnites XD

    What goes up must come sideways


  • This uses Piston Sledge as your main sac outlet/win con since you can often get it out on turn 2/3 and plays 18land with 4mox opals to compensate allowing you to legendary rule them to your graveyard later in game for synergies.

    4Slag Fiend
    4Perilous Myr

    4Mox Opal
    4Panic Spellbomb
    4Scrapyard Salvo
    2Ichor Wellspring
    2Mycosynth Wellspring
    4Galvanic Blast
    4Piston Sledge

    4Contested War Zone
    4Phyrexia's Core



  • that's the deck I want to play, but more budget than it already is so no opals

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