Yu Gi Oh!

  • Again a Vulcan salute,

    There was no subsection of YGO & I did not want to dare intruding on the MTG section.

    Is anyone up for a duel? It would be great to get together and play some rounds of YGO.
    Feel free to contact me.

    Kind Regards - Live long and prosper - V

    All I have to worry about are the Klingons, the Dominion, and the Maquis. I feel like I’m on vacation.


  • Well, I believe Quantum's gonna be closed on the 31st due to the move, but we usually have Yugioh tournaments on Sundays @ 12:30, so that'd be the time to surface if you're interested, and don't be afraid to tell you friends. :)

    ~ Stay true to your nomad skies ~


  • Yo. You said 31 is it open today? (Sept 26) but.im up for a duel anytime!



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