A Vulcan salute!

  • V - Hello, my Vulcan salute may be out of place concerning the following. I do not only love Star Trek, but I also love manga & anime. My long time favorite Yu Gi Oh! Are there any ppl up for dueling during the week or at the weekend? I would be glad to arrange date & time.

    I have noticed that there are many MTG players on this forum, which is awesome, unfortunately I am just no good at it… Anyhow please feel free to contact me


    Live long and prosper <--- Star Trek Reference (I just can't help it)

    All I have to worry about are the Klingons, the Dominion, and the Maquis. I feel like I’m on vacation.


  • I already posted in your Yugioh thread, but I figured it couldn't hurt to say hi here either, especially since I'm a long time Trekkie as well. :)

    ~ Stay true to your nomad skies ~


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