New phyrexia makes shape anew much better

  • I want to make a splicer deck with shape anew in it since then one can make a shape anew deck work well without committing to what is normally bad cards outside of the combo.

    Plus, no one would see it coming the first time.

  • In my experience running a Shape Anew deck, you need to account for a few things:

    1. Resolving the Shape Anew. I used Master's Call mostly so that if they end up tapping out on their turn, I would bring out the artifact tokens at the end of their turn and Shape Anew on mine, giving them no chance to destroy the artifact token or counter Shape Anew. With using a splicer, you give the opponent far more time to do plenty of things…including using Sorcery speed removal/hand disruption spells, or leaving mana open for counter spells or removal. So you'll need to take that into account.

    2. Your Shape Anew targets. Blightsteel Colossus or Myr Battlesphere are probably your best choices. Blightsteel Colossus is good for one or two turn kills if left unchecked, but weak to Jace or any form of bounce spells (i.e. Into the Roil). Battlesphere is better that Blightsteel in control matchups, but doesn't win games fast and susceptible to removal. You also need a way to return either to your deck if you end up drawing one into your hand.

    3. Your deck needs other ways to win. If you lean too much on Shape Anew, there are too many ways it can fail. People will board in more spot removal, counters, or Mind Control style effects to steal your fatty. Blade Splicer is a reasonable card for its cost and effect, but the other splicers seem to cost far too much and don't do a whole lot, so I don't think a dedicated splicer deck with Shape Anew added will be too successful. I would suggest keeping Blade Splicer, and add more traditional UW control style win-cons like Gideon, Sun Titan, and maybe Venser too.

  • that deck would cost over $200 since I have no money cards. A splicer version would cost $20. A reliable artifact to target would be darksteel axe with trinket mage. That opens the sideboard up to 1 mana artifact utility if i want.

    for lols I was thinking about running true conviction over tempered steel or perhaps ascetism. Another funny thing would be to add precursor golem and perhaps might of oaks. Shape anew with the precursor golem out…..hhahahahahahah. 4-5 times copied would be funny.

    I could go precursors plus protection and pump spells for even more fun.

    I doesn't need to be great, it just needs to be funny and work....sometimes.

  • If all you're using Darksteel Axe for is to combo off of, may I suggest Darksteel Relic instead. Costs 0 and is indestructable too, and you can put it into play the turn you plan on using Shape Anew.

  • that would work too since i'm not running stoneforge to search it up. I think with 4 predordain and 2-4 see beyond, the deck could be consistant. I would run 2 blightsteel, 3 precursor golems and some battlespheres…I think. I would also be running the new phy protection spell to keep the precursors under control and make some crazy alpha strikes.

    The purpose is to create a unique, fun, affordable deck that has a chance at winning games.

    Slagstorm and Day would ruin my day and hawks would fly over me, but with the blue splicer, my guys could block the 3/3 flying hawks no problem. I could stop slagstorm with protection and Day with spell pierce or rebuttal

  • props for building on a budget :)

    look forward to seeing this in play.

    "Men will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks." _MLK


  • if I ever beat someone in standard by shape anewing with precursor golem out they should kiss my feet!

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