Menthios:"why hello there"

  • Hello! I'm new to quantum games, so ill be Stepping onto the welcome mat with a greeting and a little sign that clearly states:"If it clearly exists, It will be stated randomly"

    Now, then, I'm an artist, and a new MTG player. Those of you who went to the Phrexian pre-release, might have met, and or battled against me. I love zombies, and anything undead, and most of my decks are structured so.
    Currently, I'm looking for uses of my art skills, even though I'm enrolled in some other projects, they are rolling along at their own pace, and I have the time for extra work.

    Currently, I'm looking to make the ultimate combo-control Undead deck, for casual, and a sideboard capable of making the deck standard.

    Comments are appreciated!

    "what are you talking about, zombification is a GREAT cure for cancer!"


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