Looking for a Divining Top/Mirri's Guile/Sylvan Library subsitute

  • I am looking for a card to setup the top cards of my library repeatable that doesn't cost a lot of money (or mana hopefully)

    The card can be in any color but black.

    I am currently considering mystic speculation which does scry 3 for 3 mana

  • instead of using a shittier card, you could possibly trade a guile or Sylvan Library off of me tonight.

  • cream of the crop



  • I'm assuming the card that goes on top needs to be any type? And that the card has to come from the top or your hand (not from play or the 'yard)? If so, here's a list, including all the terrible ones.

    Ashnod's Cylix
    Crystal Ball
    Crystal Seer
    Descendant of Soramaro
    Gilt-Leaf Seer
    Hidden Retreat
    Orcish Librarian (huge digging)
    Preferred Selection
    Rummaging Wizard
    Scroll Rack (good but not cheap)
    Soldevi Excavations
    Survivor of the Unseen

    requires an easy trigger:
    Eyes of the Watcher
    Psychic Surgery (in a week)

  • Crystal Ball it is then. I will need to trade for some :P bring em next week ppl

  • and you can just have it. In fact i will dig it out right now.

  • sounds great, how many? I need more than 4 :P

  • in that case I will bring the ones I have today.

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