Jason's Standard Trade Thread

  • I have a lot of Zendikar-block and would be willing to trade whatever I'm not currently playing. Please make a suggestion if you have something I want.


    1? Celestial Colonnade
    4? Lighthouse Chronologist
    2? Sword of Body and Mind

    Sort-of wants
    2? Karn Liberated
    3? Inkmoth Nexus
    1 Wurm Token (Lifelink)


    4? Ajani Goldmane

    1? Phyrexian Metamorph (foil)
    4? Time Reversal

    4? Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
    2? Inquisition of Kozilek
    1? Geth's Verdict (foil)
    3? Life's Finale (1 foil)
    2? Praetor's Grasp
    4? Bloodchief Ascension
    4? Phyrexian Vatmother
    1? Nantuko Shade

    2? Koth of the Hammer
    1? Inferno Titan (foil)
    3? Goblin Guide
    4? Warren Instigator
    4? Goblin Chieftain
    1? Combust (foil)
    1? Searing Blaze (foil)
    2? Searing Blaze (textless)
    4? Magma Phoenix (4 foil)

    5? Primeval Titan
    2? Birds of Paradise
    2? Nature's Claim (2 foil)
    1? Nissa Revane (promo foil)
    4? Nissa's Chosen (4 promo extended art)
    2? Putrefax (1 foil)
    1? Rampant Growth (8E foil)

    3? Sarkhan the Mad (1 foil)

    1? Mimic Vat (foil)
    4? Jinxed Idol (4 foil)
    2? Caged Sun

    2? Celestial Colonnade (foil) need non-foil replacement
    4? Eldrazi Temple
    1? Eye of Ugin
    1? Smoldering Spires (foil)

  • I have archive traps, unfortunately nothing else.

    Could use:
    1 Skithiryx
    1 Wurmcoil
    2 foil natures claims
    Check my list Eddies Little Shop of Horrors

  • I'm interested in 2x Skithiryx, anything else you're looking for at the moment?<br />I've got a list <a href=""http://www.quantumgames.org/flints_trade_tavern_bazaar_whatever_mtg_card_trades"" target="_blank">here</a>

  • hey.. have a stoneforge and am lookin at those 4 nissas chosen and the nisssa revane.

  • I updated the list. I recently bought the last Stoneforge I needed. I would still be interested in trading the Nissa stuff. I probably won't be there this weekend though.

  • edit
    nvm, got one

  • Is the metamorph NPH foil or Promo Foil?

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • i could use the blackcleave cliffs.

  • NPH foil. All the nondescript foils I listed will be set foils.

  • Were you specifically looking for a foil one? I believe Nathan has a non-foil one for trade.

  • who is that directed at? I did trade somebody at the shop for a reg blackcleave yesterday. I just need to aquire 3 more and its being difficult

  • kronzilla: You. The one I listed is foil. This forum supports threading, but everyone seems to ignore that and uses it like twitter.

  • if u have a gander at my list if theres stuff you could use as fodder i will over trade for it… a lotus cobra or something perhaps?

  • starcity has foil blackcleave @ $6

    lotus cobra is at $12.. it would make me happy lol

  • I will trade 1x Tezzeret, agent of bolas…35.00


    1x wurmcoil engine.(8.00)
    1x foil metamorph.(8.00)
    1x ajani.(6.00)
    1x caged sun.(3.00)
    2x sarkhan the mad.(10.00)

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • I Was Looking at Koth/Angelic Destiny anything youd trade it for other than the 4 you listed or would you sell it ?



  • No personal sales on the Quantum forum. My want list is up-to-date. If an admin catches this, please blank all the replies on this thread.

  • I will trade you 1 inkmoth and 1 elspeth = 22.00
    for your 2 angelic destiny's = 20.00

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • You got a deal. I hope to be at FNM this week.

  • sign up now then. you can always cancel it if you cant make it later in the week

    What goes up must come sideways


  • I'm going to be there round 6 or 7…..Let me know if you wont be there

    Uncing my way to victory.


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