Ryans Trades

  • Cards i need at the moment i live in kelowna bc Canada

    3 master transmuter
    3 tinker ( i prefer the older version but a card is a card)
    Jace the mind sculptor
    blightsteel colossus



    abyssal persicutor
    phage the untouchable 10th
    consuming vapors
    painful quandary
    head games 10th
    ink eyes

    indomitable archangel
    white suns zenith
    victory's herald
    ranger of eos
    marshal's anthem


    green suns
    momentus fall
    realms uncharted

    tezzeret (vs deck)
    grand architect
    forced fruition
    inexorable tide
    traumutize x4


    red suns

    sword of body and mind x2
    myr propagator
    seer's sundail
    chimeric mass
    spine of ish sah
    darksteel juggernaut
    myr battlesphear
    titan forge (foil)
    etched champion
    quietus spike

    rustic clachan (vs deck)
    lavaclaw reaches
    llonawar wastes 10th
    underground river 10th
    secluded glen
    contested warzone
    wattery grave
    adarkar wastes 10th

    multi color/colorless
    nemesis of reason
    glimpse the unthinkable
    pathrazer of ulamog (DCI)
    spawnsite of ulamog
    ulamog, the infinite gyre
    it that betrays

  • Blightsteel, I am assuming you mean Colossus
    I would be interested in your Ulamog,the Infinite Gyre, It is worth a little more so I can part with something else as well.
    Have my list a once over.

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