Dan's Trade List

  • Cards that I'm looking for:


    Skirk Prospector x1
    Goblin Grenade x4


    Genesis Wave x2
    Dragonskull Summit x3
    Gravepact x3
    Rise of the Hobgoblins x2
    Patriarch's Bidding x3
    City of Brass x4

  • Offering
    Drowner Initiate x2 0.50
    Frogtosser Banneret x2 0.50
    Mogg War Marshal 0.25
    Dragon Fodder x2 0.50

    Drowner of Secrets x1 0.50
    Merrow Reejerey x2 8.00
    Merrow Commerce x3 1.50
    Fodder Launch 0.25

    Grimoire Thief x2 5.00
    Painter's Servant x2 10.00
    Auntie's Hovel x3 4.50

    Total 31.50 Approx Value

    Genesis x1 6.00
    Tolsimir Wolfblood x1 1.00
    Coat of Arms x1 3.00
    Stuffy Doll x1 5.00
    muraganda petroglyphs x1 0.75
    Primordial Sage x1 0.50
    Hour of Reckoning x1 1.00
    Mirari x1 2.00
    Memory Jar x1 3.00
    Mystifying Maze x1 1.50
    Wild Pair x1 1.00
    Jace Beleren x1 8.00

    Total 32.75 Approx Value

    I will be at FNM Friday.



  • i have one of these for you outta the stuff i got from Eric

  • that sounds good to me. If I can't make it to FNM I have a friend that lives close to quantum and I'll leave the cards with him to trade for me.

  • Updated added 2 missed pages of white rares I have for trade.

  • i think i might have g waves and the dragonskull summits for trade

  • what would you like to trade for them if you do?

  • um not possitive atm i could prolly find something for them though

  • also looking for patriarch's bidding x3 and City of Brass x4

  • will you be at FNM tomorrow? if you are I can bring my rares and you can have a look through them then if you want. I won't be playing but I'll be there to trade.

  • yea ill most likely be there hopefully to play and trade but i might be a bit late

  • added some more cards that I'm looking for. Will be in Kelowna on Thursday.

  • what time thurs ill stop by i got good ammount of the cards your looking for

  • I'll probly be there at around 2:30 I'm just about ready to leave right now I think. I did get the 4 ajani pridemates from a friend though.

  • ah alright im gonna relook through my lorwyn shit and see if i can find what you need from there

  • I'm heading out the door now

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