Travis Trade List

  • Alright the cards I'm looking for in no particular order:

    Hellkite Overlord x 2 (Shards of Alara)
    Entomb x 1 (odyssey)
    Sword of Fire and Ice x 1 (Dark Steel)
    Arcbound Ravager x 3 (Dark Steel)
    Mox Lotus x 2 (Unhinged)
    Gaea's Cradle x 1 (Urza's Saga)
    Temple Garden x 3 (Ravnica)
    Ant Queen x 3 (M10)
    Idyllic Tutor x 1 (Morning Tide)
    Sterling Grove x 2 (Invasion)
    Ancient Ziggurat x 1 (Conflux/Slivers Premium)
    Reflecting Pool x 4 (Shadowmoor/Tempest)
    Toxin Sliver x 1 (Legions)
    Sliver Legion x 1 (Future Sight)
    Elvish Archdruid x 1 (M10/M11)
    Captivating Vampire x 2 (M11)
    Guul Draz Assassin x 4 (ROE)
    Kalastria Highborn x 3 (WWK)
    Anowon, the Ruin Sage x 1 (WWK)
    Vampire Nighthawk x 4 (ZEN)
    Gatekeeper of Malakir x 3 (ZEN)
    Blood Tribute x 3 (ZEN)

    And now for what I have for trade:


    Grand Coliseum
    Fire-Lit Thicket
    Howltooth Hallow
    Murmuring Bosk
    Dark Depths


    Reya Dawnbringer
    Blazing Archon
    Blinding Angel
    Akroma, Angel of Wrath
    Battletide Alchemist x 3
    Luminous Angel
    Weathered Bodyguards
    Open the Vaults
    Loxodon Punisher x 5
    Militia's Pride
    Indomitable Ancients
    Exalted Angel
    True Believer x 3
    Atalya, Samite Master
    Weathered Wayfarer
    Glorious Anthem
    Windbrisk Raptor
    Blessed Wind
    Stonehewer Giant x 2 (1 foil 1 non)
    Eternal Dragon
    Layline of Sanctity
    Catapult Master
    Proper Burial
    Order of Whiteclay
    Windborn Muse x 4
    Angel of Retribution
    Wayward Angel
    Serra Angel
    Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile
    Thoughtweft Trio
    Dawn Elemental x 4
    Field Marshal
    Leonin Shikari x 3
    Raksha Golden Cub
    Crack Down x 2
    Wrath of God
    Ancestor's Prophet


    Mitotic Manipulation
    Stormtide Levianthan
    Cosi's trickster
    Magus of the Jar
    Vesuvan Shapeshifter
    Draining Whelk
    Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir
    Deep-Sea Kraken
    Imaginart Pet
    Hatching Plans
    Cerulean Sphinx
    Temporal Cascade
    Cowardice x 2
    Peer Prssure
    Synapse Sliver x 3
    Decree of Silence
    Vedalken Archmage x 3
    Threads of Disloyalty
    Grozoth x 3 (1 foil 2 non)
    Zur's Weirding x 2
    Knowledge Exploitation
    Arcanis The Omnipotent
    Time stop
    Cryptic Command
    River Kelpie
    Puca's Mischeif
    Declaration of Naught
    Hisoka, Minamo Sensei
    Ambassador Laquatus x 2
    Psionic Sliver
    Wanderwine Prophets
    Savor the Moment
    Mind Spring
    Linessa, Zephyr Mage
    Knacksaw Clique
    Time Stretch
    Magus of the Bazaar
    Words of Wind
    Dream Leash


    Sengir Nosferatu
    Lim-Dul the Necromancer
    Nim Devourer
    No Mercy
    Layline of the Void
    Boggart Mob x 2
    Dark Confidant x 2
    Promise of Power
    Woebringer Demon
    Yawgmoth Demon
    Mortal Combat
    Endemic Plague
    Blood Funnel
    Moonlight Bargain x 2
    Eastern Paladin x 2
    Hollowborn Barghest x 2 (1 foil 1 non)
    Graveborn Muse
    Wound Reflection
    Kiku Night's Flower x 2
    He Who Hungers
    Magus of the Coffers
    Lurking Skirge
    Weirding Shaman
    Sanguine Praetor
    Mad Auntie x 2
    Choice of Damnations
    Phyrexian Arena
    Will-o'-the Wisp x 2
    Plague Wind
    Mind Shatter
    Beacon of Unrest
    Dross Harvester
    Bane of the Living
    One with Nothing
    Horobi, Death's Wail x 2
    Death Pits of Rath


    Dragon Tyrant x 2
    Magus of the Scroll
    Ball Lightning x 2
    Word of Seizing
    Greater Gargadon
    Vulshok Battlemaster
    Cosmic Larva
    Mogg Sentry
    Dragon Mage x 3
    Elemental Mastery
    Bloodshot Cyclops
    Risky Move
    Magus of the Moon
    Mana Flare
    Flame Fusillade
    Mana Echoes
    Char x 2
    Aggravated Assault
    Sensation Gorger x 2
    Hammerfist Giant
    Ben-Ben, Akki Hermit
    Shared Animosity
    Sunrise Sovereign
    Norin the Wary
    Heartless Hidetsugu
    Mindblaze x 2
    Wheel of Fate
    Ryusei, the Falling Star x 2
    Hoarding Dragon
    Lava Runner
    Fighting Chance
    Rukh Egg x 2
    Clickslither x 3
    Mindmoil x 2
    Lightning Crafter x 2
    Akki Lavarunner
    Kumano, Master Yamabushi
    Twist Allegiance
    Molten Hydra
    Rally the Horde
    Through the Breach
    Ashling the Pilgrim
    Cragganwick Cremator
    Wild Ricochet
    Pulse of the Forge x 2
    Warp World
    Thunder Dragon


    Parallel Evolution
    Elvish Piper
    Verdant Force
    Fungus Sliver x 3
    Magus of the Candelabra x 2
    Unyaro Bees
    Squall Line
    Gaea's Anthem
    Reach of Branches x 3
    Nantuko Mentor
    Vinelasher Kudzu
    Brood Sliver x 4
    Thriss, Nantuko Primus
    Natural Affinity
    Shisato, Whispering Hunter
    Epic Proportions
    Primitive Etchings
    Unstoppable Ash x 2
    Rhys the Exiled
    Scion of the Wild x 2 (1 foil 1 non)
    Endless Swarm
    Caller of the hunt
    Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer
    Quirion Dryad
    Greatbow Doyen
    Nourishing Shoal
    Dramatic Entrance
    Ancient Ooze
    Mossbridge Troll
    Rebuking Ceremony
    Heartwood Storyteller


    Razia, Boros Archangel
    Hunting Grounds
    Everlasting Torment
    Thistledown Liege
    Oversoul of Dusk (foil)
    Szadek, Lord of Secrets
    Dimir Doppelganger x 2
    Mindleech Mass x 2
    Sygg, River Guide
    Razia's Purification x 3
    Iname as One
    Sisters of Stone Death
    Oracle of Nectars x 2
    Ghost Council of Orzhova
    Oros, the Avenger
    Garza Zol, Plague Queen
    Last Stand
    Firemane Angel
    Gaddock Teeg
    Wilt-Leaf Liege
    Isperia the Inscrutable
    Spined Sliver x 4
    Tolsimir Wolfblood
    Scion of the Ur-Dragon x 2
    Deus of Calamity
    Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran
    Doran, the Siege Tower x 3 (1 foil 2 non)
    Powerstone Minefield
    Oona, Queen of the Fae
    Stonebrow, Krosan Hero
    Mishra, Artificer Prodigy x 2
    Impromptu Raid


    Gilded Lotus x 2
    Cryptic Gateway
    Thousand-Year Elixir
    Teferi's Puzzle Box
    Bubble Matrix
    Teeka's Dragon
    Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII
    Gauntlet of Power
    Colfenor's Urn
    Pariah's Shield
    Slate of Ancestry
    Phyrexian Colossus
    Thorn of Amethyst
    Jinxed Choker
    Bloodletter Quill
    Engineered Explosives
    Tower of Fortunes
    Damping Matrix
    Damping Engine
    Limestone Golem
    Salvaging Station x 2
    Bosh, Iron Golem x 2
    Summoning Station x 2
    Defense Grid (foil)
    Spellweaver Helix
    Cauldron of Souls
    Nightmare Lash
    Junk Golem
    Gemini Engine
    Tribal Golem
    Dingus Egg
    Krark's Thumb
    Iron Maiden
    That Which Was Taken
    Chalice of the Void
    Liar's Pendulum
    Uba Mask
    Hair-Strung Koto x 2
    Plague Boiler
    Grim Poppet x 2
    Reaper King
    Lodestone Myr
    Brass Herald
    Orochi Hatchery x 4

  • i got a Mox lotus, and an ancient ziggurat

    what set is the BoP and Leyline of the void from?
    also liking the Primeval Force and the Biorhythm

    What goes up must come sideways


  • Ive got one of each for the LayLine (Both M11 and a GuildPact)
    As for the BoP its M11

  • Offering
    2 Hellkite Overlord

    1 Magus of Candelabra
    1 Rude Awakening
    1 Glissa Sunseeker
    1 Gaes's Herald
    1 Fracturing Gust
    1 Verdant Force
    1 Miran the Moaning Well



  • would you trade an m11 leyline + something worth like a buck for a guildpact one? (wants for aesthetic reasons)

    anyways, ill be at quantum on friday for sure and i might be stopping out there on thursday to pick up some cards

    What goes up must come sideways


  • Do you want just two out of that list or all of um for the two Hell kites?

  • Ya or Ill just give it to you :3 I really want the Mox and Zigg XD

  • sweet! i love the rav block, and if something was printed in that block and elsewhere i tend to want the rav version

    not a problem, i have no use for those 2 cards anyways, and have them sitting in my traders for… well since i got a binder XD

    What goes up must come sideways


  • I know man Ive had some of those cards in trade circulation since I got them. Especially Blue I have no synergy with that color.

  • Cause I'm okay with it ether way

  • I found a couple Ancient Ziggurats I can add to the trade as well.

    Values via starcitygames

    2 Hellkite Overlord 3x2=6$
    1 Ancient Ziggurat=1.50$
    1 Ancient Ziggurat (Promo Foil=2.00

    1 Magus of Candelabra=1$
    1 Rude Awakening=.50c
    1 Glissa Sunseeker=2$
    1 Gaes's Herald=.50c
    1 Fracturing Gust=1.50
    1 Verdant Force=1$
    1 Miran the Moaning Well=4

    9.50 for 10.50 value



  • Sounds good let me know when you'll be at the shop

  • I'll be there at FNM Friday and the EDH tourney on Saturday.



  • Updated with some card's I pulled out of sideboard:

    Razia, Boros Archangel
    Dragon Tyrant x 2
    Blazing Archon
    Blinding Angel
    Akroma, Angel of Wrath
    Volcanic Dragon x 2
    Elvish Piper

  • So I updated the list since I got some of the cards i was looking for and some new stuff to trade.

  • k

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • Would be appreciated if you changed the title of your trade thread to Wolfeleven's traders, or something of that nature. We had this happen about a month go and it gets really confusing. You'll be the third Travis actively using the trade forums. Changing the name of your list will save us all a huge amount of confusion lol. Thanks man appreciate it

  • If you look at the dates, it seems this Travis was here before?

  • King of thredcred callin the shottts

  • big ballah shot callah

  • 20 inch blades on the impala

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