Calgary PTQ (Type 2) - Deckmob looking for more

  • Hey everyone

    I am looking for like-minded players who would like to have some fun at the upcoming Calgary PTQ!

    The goal - crash the event as a team (of 8 or more) playing the same (really weird) deck, designed to be fun and quirky!

    Please let me know if you are interested.
    Interested folks should be excited or able to…

    • upset the Calgary meta
    • possibly get featured on SCG or MTG weekly
    • play a deck that is fringe or rogue (very much not tournament quality)
    • get at least one of us to top 8 by sheer odds, will require basic skillz (with a Z)
    • help brainstorm and playtest
    • acquire cards as necessary for your copy
    • tune the deck last minute with the release of the new set

    The deck to be played will be something like...

    • something more likely to be seen on a kitchen table and less like those in weekly 4-0 lists on TCGPlayer
    • have an alternate win condition (think mill, inf-life, etc)
    • using uncommon tech for the meta
    • use as many non-rares and non-mythics where possible (and therefore do this on the cheap)
    • have last minute tuning as the third expac will be legal 2 weeks before the tourney

    More details on what it would take to carpool / hotel closer to the event.
    If you are interested please mail me

    Some background information on me:

    • 27, male, work for Club Penguin here in Kelowna, and like to think outside the box :)


    Local Kelowna Magic player and video game developer


  • It sounds more like you guys are going to be helping anyone attending that actually wants to qualify…

    "A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness."


  • solely for the fact that I have family out there, and would love to try and place at a PTQ. As for the quirky kitchen table deck, that is something I dun't think I could get down with. Also would not be pitching in for a hotel as accommodations wouldn't be a problem for me. But I would be more than willing to pitch in for gas for the ride out, but would more then likely find my own way home.
    Let me know if these terms sound ok for you?

    My name is Eddie, and I dun't think i know a Dave from FNM's

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