• Hey all,
    Wondering if anyone uses this anymore or if there is a different place.

    Anyway, I got some modern/legacy Invocations and I only play standard.

    I have:
    Rings of Brighthearth
    Mind Twist
    Wrath of God
    Consecrated Sphinx

    I also have an Invocation
    Oketra the True.

    I am not big on Invocations and am only trying to get other Standard cards or if the shop wants them.

    I am not in a big rush, I know there is another set coming out in a couple months and might even want some things from there. At the moment, I have no real preferences from Amonkhet as I don't play blue and most of the cards I find underwhelming. The ones I don't find underwhelming I probably already have. I would be open to trading value for value as well just so I keep my worth and you get cards you want.

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