PPTQ's and Competititve Magic

  • If you're interested in competing in PPTQ's or want try to become a better player or even just want to know a little bit more about Magic itself I invite you to join a new facebook group.

    We will keep the group updated on upcoming events like PPTQ's or any significant MTG event that will be located in our area. Additionally, if you're looking to playtest with anyone, feel free to post in the group to see who'd like to meet up and play. We will also gladly help you with deck building or any technical question you have.

    Feel free to join and improve yourself as a player, and improve the Kelowna MTG community.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • Hey Gordo, Sam Herbert here. Not sure if you remember me from the FNM a few weeks ago, where I was the kid taking notes in the polo shirt. Just wondering if you could accept me into the group please.

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