eternal masters?

  • Anybody have eternal masters goodies? I need a bunch of the high end stuff. Sneak attack, FoW, Wasteland, Dack, Mana Crypt etc

  • I've got Mana Crypt...

  • anything you're looking for?

  • My trade thread is just below... here are some modern things I'm after:

    3x Eldrazi Temple
    4x Urza's Mine
    4x Urza's Power Plant
    4x Urza's Tower
    1x All Is Dust
    4x Ancient Stirrings
    1x Fog
    4x Chromatic Sphere
    4x Chromatic Star
    4x Expedition Map
    4x Karn Liberated
    2x Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
    1x Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
    2x Feed the Clan
    4x Nature's Claim
    2x Oblivion Stone
    2x Spellskite

  • @FunkiestBunch

    how about:

    4x Nature's claim (conspiracy) @ $1/ea =$4
    1x fog (eternal masters)
    1x Urza's power plant (chronicles - columns) $2
    1x Urza's power plant (5th ed.) $3
    1x Urza's Mine (5th ed.) $3
    1x Urza's tower (5th Ed.) $3
    4x Chromatic Sphere @ $1/ea = $4
    2x Spellskite (New phyrexia) @ $40/ea = $80

    1x Mana Crypt (eternal masters) $90

  • Any word on this offer?

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