Bailey's Trade Post (Updated June 18th)

  • Wants

    none at the moment
    Verdent catacomb x4
    Abrubt decay x3
    Damnnation x1
    Arid Mesa x4
    Misty Rainforest x4
    Arcbound ravager x4
    Glimmer void x4
    Steel overseer x4
    Mox opal x3
    Signal pest x3
    Blinkmoth nexus x3
    Spellskite x3
    Master of etherium x3

    Thousand year Exlier x1

    Sigarda, host of herons x1
    Birthing pod x2
    Garruk Relentless x1
    Meren of clan nel toh x1
    titania x1
    Green suns zenith x1
    pernicous deed x3
    phyrexian tower x1
    bayou x1
    savanah x2
    scrubland x1


    Cool Eternal matsers stuff
    Sylvan library (foil ) x1
    Maze of ith x1
    Heritage druid x1
    Baleful strix x1
    blood artist (foil) x1
    sink hole x1
    isochron septer x1

    Ayli, Eternal Pilgram (foil) x1
    sin proder x1
    Lantern scout x1
    always watching x1
    Cryptolith rite x1 (japanese)
    Triskaidekaphobia x1 and x1 foil
    Markov dreadknight x2 and x1 japanese
    Asylum visitor x1
    thingin the ice x 4
    Arlinn Kord x1

    Engulfe the shore x5
    Ever after x2
    And many other non- notable rares/ mythics

    Blood moon (The dark ) x1
    Serra avenger x1
    Ranger of Eos x3
    Leonine arbiter x3''
    Kozilek’z return x1
    Horizon canopy x2
    Kor Spirit dancer x4
    Daybreak coronet x3 future sight, MM2 x1
    Other Bogle enchantments as well as the bogle and the Scout
    Exploration map x4

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