Wyatt's Trade Thread

  • Wants:

    Sylvan Advocatex4
    Nissa, Voice of Zendikar x2
    Lightning Axe x2
    Odric, Lunarch Marshal x2
    Drana, Liberator of Malakir x1
    Falkenrath Gorger x2
    Heir of Falkenrath x2
    Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet x1
    Call the Bloodline x2
    Eerie Interlude x2
    Bygone Bishop x1
    Reality Smasher x3
    Chandra, Flamecaller x2
    Arlinn Kord x2

    Notable Haves:
    Nahiri, The Harbringer x1
    Archangel Avacyn x1
    Always Watching x2
    Thalia's Lieutenant x2
    From under the Floorboards x2
    Traverse the Ulvenwald x1
    World Breaker x2
    The Gitrog Monster x2
    Lumbering Falls x1
    Drownyard Temple x3
    Canopy Vista x1
    Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim x2
    Endless One (normal)x1 ( Pre-release Promo)x1
    Eldrazi Mimic x1 (Foil)
    Hissing Quagmire x1
    Sunken Hollow (Foil) x1 (Normal) x1
    Kozilek, the Great Distortion x1
    Wandering Fumarole x1

    I have plenty of other rares, uncommons, dual lands and more. If you ask, i can check if i have it. Some cards that i have as well are not listed as i plan to put them in decks or are in decks. I use Facetofacegames for pricing. Will update every time inventory changes.

  • Hey how about my X2 Always watching for your x1 hissing quagmire

    also i have more things on your list do you have anything on mine?

  • Sounds good, and I just checked and all i could find was Dark Petition. The only things that i see that i like on your list is the Markov's, Hanweir non foil, and From under the floor Boards. I do like Sorin but i don't have anything else you want.

  • in addition to Hissing quagmire for Always watching

    Markov's Dreadknight x1
    From under the floorboards x1
    Hanweir milita captain// cult leader x1
    Heir of Falkenrath x1
    and always watching x1

    for your

    dark petition x1

  • @cosmata
    The dark petition one is your 11.5 for my 10, but now you put my hissing Quagmire 10 for your always watching 5.5. Would you throw in an Asylum visitor to make it more even?
    so it would total 20 for your 19

  • @gilgamesh3791
    ya sure its a deal. ill drop off the cards in the trade box Wednesday or Thursday

  • Hey iv had a change of thought , i just need the quagmire qnd ill trade you for 2x always watching i dont need the pettition anymore

  • Okay, well i dropped the quagmire and dark petition off at quantum . i'll go pick up the petition then.

  • Changed a few things in Have and Wants

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