Bhurin's Trade Thread

  • Need a few cards in Standard to round out a deck.
    Wants (in order):
    Update pending

    This is a short list of the notables I have - I'll update it with my full catalog soon.. I've also got a bunch of foils if that's your thing.
    Notable Standard Cards:
    4x Temple Of Epiphany

    1x Temple Of Plenty

    1x Dragonlord Atarka

    1x Atarka, World Render

    1x Dromoka The Eternal

    1x Siege Rhino

    1x Ojutai's Command Foil

    1x Ojutai's Command

    1x Sidisi, Brood Tyrant
    1x Dig Through Time
    1x Palace Siege Foil

    3x Tasigur The Golden Fang

    1x Bloodsoaked Champion

    1x Shaman Of The Great Hunt

    1x Crater's Claws
    I've got the usual $1-3 rares too, and too much old stuff to name (someone was looking for Delver? I've got 6).


  • 2 x Nykthos - 6.89 - 13.78
    1 x Nylea, God - 4.75
    2 x Genesis Hydra - 3 - 6
    1 x Yavimaya - 4

    1 x Windswept Heath 11.75
    1 x Flooded Strand - 14.29
    1 x ojutai command - 2.29

  • Looks good to me wocks! Any possibility to conduct the trade before Wednesday? WNM is when I usually play, and I'd love to run the deck this week.
    I can leave stuff behind the counter if it's convenient.

  • I will drop off with Al tomorrow around noon.

  • I have an extra Yavimaya Coast (4) and interested in your Siege Rhino (6). Can you find anything else on my list to close the gap?

  • I could actually use a Wooded Foothills - how does this sound?
    Shaman of the great hunt $6
    Siege Rhino $6
    Sidisi, Blood Tyrant $3.50

    Total $15.50

    For your:
    Yavimaya Coast $4
    Wooded Foothills $11

    Total $15

  • Really only need the Seige :(
    I have updated my list with more stuff and adjusted wants.

  • No worries, how about this deal instead?
    Siege Rhino $6
    Kolaghan's Command $2

    For your

    Yavimaya Coast $4
    Chord Of Calling $4

    Sound good?

  • Sure, not sure when I will be able to drop off. Maybe this weekend.

  • Cards have been dropped off at Quantum

  • Thanks Wocks - cards received, and traders left behind.

  • <br type="_moz" />
    I dropped off your half on Friday. Let me know when you have dropped off yours.

  • Done! Left your cards last night - thanks for the trade!

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