Trading Standard Cards

  • Need:
    3x Shivan Reef
    3x Mana Confluence
    3x Flooded Strand
    2x Temple of Epiphany
    2x Temple of Enlightenment
    2x Battlefield Forge
    2x Temple of Triumph

    3x Stormbreath Dragon
    3x Goblin Rabblemaster
    2x Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker
    1x Polluted Delta
    1x Bloodstained Mire
    1x Wooded Foothills
    Assorted Goodies

  • I have 3 Mana Confluence for trade.

    Interested in your 2x Sarkhans and maybe a wooded foothills?

    Check out my thread to see if there is anything else you need or if you have anything else I need:

  • I also have some other things you want, namely a Bloodsoaked Champion and 4 Crater's Claws. I'm sure we can make something work.

  • Also looking for a couple of Jeskai Ascendancy as well if you have them. Not sure when I will be in store in person though… if you want to figure something out I can leave the cards in box for you and vice versa.

  • I'm around pretty much every Wednesday and most Fridays, if you want to meet at quantum.I'm also free monday and tuesday around 1:00.

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