Samsoni1's trade request's

  • Looking for some stuff
    3x Bonescythe Sliver (Xbox promo) < major want
    2x Bonescythe Sliver (Foil o rRegular)
    2x Galerider Sliver (Foil or Regular)
    3x Hive Stirrings (Game Day Promo) < major want
    3x Manaweft Sliver (Foil or Regular)
    3x Megantic Sliver (M14 Pre-Release Promo) < major want
    1x Megantic Sliver (Foil or Regular)
    3x Sliver construct (Foil or Regular)
    3x Steelform Sliver (Foil or Regular)
    1x Syphon Sliver (Foil or Regular)
    2x Thorncaster Sliver (Foil or Regular)
    6x Sliver Token (M14 League Promo) < major want
    6x Sliver Token (Regular)
    Haves (not much)
    Celestial Archon
    Renounce the Guilds
    Plea for guidance
    Fated Retribution
    Spirit of the Labyrinth
    Gift of Immortality
    Pheres-Band Warchief 4x
    Hunters Prowess 2x
    Reverent hunter
    Arbor Colossus
    Nessian Wilds Ravenger
    Squirrel Nest
    Felhide Spiritbinder 2x
    Spawn of Thraxes
    Harness be Force 2x
    Labyrinth Champion
    Oracle of Bones 2x
    Rageblood Shaman
    Molten Disaster
    Satyr Firedancer
    Reign of the Pit
    Fated Return
    Phage the Untouchable
    Extinguish All Hope
    Pack Rat
    Drakestown Forgotten
    Doomwake Giant (JOU Promo) 2x
    Eater of Hope (BNG Promo)
    Silence the Believers
    Fated Unraveler
    Trait Doctoring
    Scourge of Fleets
    Perplexing Chimera
    Multi Color
    Polis Crusher
    Whispering Madness
    Triad of Fates
    Anax and Cymede
    Revel of the Fallen God
    Exava Rakdos Blood Witch

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