Jaysen and Lenas trade list MTG

  • We are looking for standard cards only

    Cards I'm interested in
    -2 Temple of Epiphany
    -1 Jeskai Ascendancy
    -3 Atraka's Command
    -3 Zurgo Bellstriker

    For trade

    Standard Cards
    1 Narset, Enlightened Master
    1 Shaman of the Great Hunt
    3 Ugin's Nexus (1 foil)
    1 Hooded Hydra
    1 Clever Impersonator(Foil)
    2 Brutal Hordechief

    Have Plenty of Standard rares if there is something your looking for ask and I will see if I have it.

    Notable Standard Rares
    1 Goblin Rabblemaster
    1 Seige Rhino or (foil)
    1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang
    1 Eidolon of Blossoms
    1 Doomwake Giant
    1 Hero's Downfall
    2 Temple of Abandon
    2 Thunderbreak Regent
    More to come when I have a chance to look through my trade binders.

    White Mythics
    Elspeth Knight Errant (Modern Masters)
    Heliod, God of the Sun (Theros)
    3 Angel of Serenity (Ravnica)
    Mikaeus, the Lunarch (Innistrad)
    Gideon, Chapion of Justice (Gatecrash)

    White Rares
    Fated Retribution (Born of the Gods) (Foil)
    SkyBind (JOU)
    Deicide (JOU)
    Aegis of the gods(JOU)
    3 Spirit of the Labrynth (Born of the Gods) 1 (Foil)
    2 Hero of Iroas (Born of the Gods)
    Plea for Guidance (Born of the Gods)
    3 Gift of Immortality (Theros)
    2 Celstial Archon (Theros)
    2 Soldier of the Pantheon (Theros)
    3 Hundred Handed Ones (Theros)
    Restoration Angel (Avacyn)
    Herald of War (Avacyn)
    Champion of the Parish (Innistrad)
    Angel of Glories Rise (Avacyn)
    Angelic Skirmisher (Gatecrash)
    Archon of Justice (M12)
    Grand Abolisher (M12)

    Black Mythyics
    Hythonia the Cruel (Theros)
    Chapion of Stray Souls (Born of the Gods)
    4 Necropolis Reagent (Ravnica)
    Griselbrand (Avacyn)
    Lilliana of the Vale (Innistrad)
    2 Lord of the Void (Gatecrash)
    Grave Titan (M12)
    Reaper From the Abyss (Innistrad)
    Sorin Markov (M12)
    Elbrus, the Binding Blade (Dark Ascension)
    Makeus the Unhallowed (Dark Ascension)

    Black Rares
    Fate Unraveler (Born of the Gods)
    Extinguish all Hope (JOU)
    King Macar (JOU)
    2 Eater of Hopes (Born of the Gods)
    Abhorrent Overlord (Theros)
    Sutured Ghoul (M12)
    Crypt Ghast (Gatecrash)
    Pontiff of Blight (Dragonsmaze)
    2 Harvester of Souls (Avacyn)
    Sepulchral Primordial (Gatecrash)
    Grave Betrayal (Ravnica)
    Dark Imposter (Avacyn)
    Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis (M13)
    Zombie Apocalypse (Dark Ascension)
    Call to the Grave (M12)
    Vengeful Pharaoh (M12)
    Endless Ranks of the Dead (Innistrad)
    Cemetary Reaper (M12)
    Dread Slaver (Avacyn)

    Red Mythics
    Purphoros, God of the Forge (Theros)
    Inferno Titan (M12)
    Thundermaw Hellkite (M13)

    Red Rare
    Whims of the Fates (born of the Gods) (Foil)
    2 Harness by Force (JOU)
    2 Twinflame (JOU)
    3 Dictate of the Twin Gods (JOU)
    Spawn of Thraxes (JOU)
    Eidolon of the Great Revel (JOU)
    Bearer of the Heavens (JOU)
    2 Oracle of Bones (Born of the Gods)
    Saytr Firedancer (Born of the Gods)
    2 Anger of the Gods (Born of the Gods)
    2 Labyrinth Champion (Theros)
    4 Firedrinker Satyr (Theros)
    4 Rageblood Shaman (Theros)
    3 Fellhide Spiritbinder (Born of the Gods)
    Possibility Storm (Dragon Maze)
    Five-Alarm Fire (Gatecrash)
    Wrecking Ogre (Gatecrash)
    2 Ash Zealot (Ravnice)
    2 Dual Casting (Avacyn)
    Burn at the Stake (Avacyn)
    2 Devil's Play (Innistrad)
    Falkenrath Marauders (Innistrad)
    Stormkirk Noble (Innistrad)
    Breaking Point (Dark Ascension)
    Manabarbs (M12)

    Green Mythics
    Worldspine Wurm (Ravnica)
    Green Rares
    2 Eidolon of Blossoms(Jou) (Promo foil)
    2 Dictate of Karametra (JOU)
    Heroes' Bane (JOU)
    3 Eidolon of Blossoms (JOU)
    2 Pheres-Band Warchief (JOU)
    Fated Intervention (JOU)
    2 Hunter's Prowess (JOU)
    2 Scourge of Skola Vale (Born of the Gods)
    Hero of Leina Tower (Born of the Gods)
    Nessian Wilds (Born of the Gods)
    Anthoussa, Setessan Hero (Theros)
    Bow of Nylea (Theros)
    2 Sylvan Primordial (Gatecrash)
    Revenge of the Hunted (Avacyn)
    Descendant's Path (Avacyn)
    Creeping Renaissance (Innistrad)
    Gutter Grime (Innistrad)
    Splinterfright (Innistrad)

    More to Come, feel free to ask if your looking for something.

  • I would be interested in your:

    1x Deicide
    2x Eidolon of Blossoms (reg or promo)

    See of there is anything you could use off of my list:

  • Updated with Khans

  • Do you happen to have any Dig Through Time?
    Also Not a rare but I am looking for 3 Dead Drop. (Uncommon from Khans)
    and 4 Spite of Mogis (Uncommon Journey into Nyx)
    I'm also Interested in some fetches (Especially delta) if you have them for trade I haven't updated my thread with Khans yet but of what you seek I only have 1 Mire and its already in use in an EDH However Check out my threadas you never know what you might find, and I will be updating with Khans very soon (today/tomorrow)

  • Once you have updated I will take a look through what you have, as of what I noticed Brimaz is on my radar of cards I'm seeking.
    I do have all those cards you are looking for.

  • Updated Standard, Non Standard update to follow

  • Are your fetchlands all from Khans?

  • Yes they are oblivion

  • Hmm well I may be willing to trade an original bloodstained mire (onslaught) if you don't mind old border. I personally like the old ones better but will settle for khans if need be… The new art is pretty decent after all!

    I'd be interested in a wooded foothills, plus something to fill the $10 gap.

    Do you have any of the following standard multicolored/artifact cards? I noticed you don't have any listed?

    Iroas, god of victory
    Xenagos, god of revels
    utter end - nonfoil or foil (preferred)

    One last note: If you are interested I won't be able to meet up/drop off until I get back to the Okanagan in 2-1/2 weeks (Oct20+). I don't need em that badly and I'm not in a rush so no biggie if it doesn't work out.

  • I've got 2 khans bloodstained mires.

    Interested In U/W fetches

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • I have an extra BR fetch… will trade for UB/RG/GW fetch.

  • updated

  • Dragonlord Ojutai for Bloodstained Mire and Crux of Fate

  • Sounds good to me, when would you like to do the swap?

  • I can drop the card off this friday night.

  • In the box.

  • Light update

  • Are you willing to trade your thunderbreak regent gameday foil? I could part with 3 zurgos and 2 atarkas command.

  • I am not sure which prices people go by now but I just used Starcity to keep it simple.

    2 x Temple of Epiphany - 6ea
    1 x Jeskai Ascendancy - 1.5ea
    1 x Atarka Command - 7.75
    1 x Zurgo Bellstriker - 4



    2 x thunderbreak regent - 12.99

  • Nvm.

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