Looking to sell some 40k stuff

  • I have been out of the hobby for many years and was given some pieces from storage the other day.
    23 Tau Fire warriors, some painted some just base coated.
    8 Kroot Carnivores still on sprues with bits and in original box.
    3 XV15 Stealth Armour, metal and painted.
    1 Tau Ethereal metal, already base coated.
    1 Hammerhead Gunship, base coated. no stand.
    A few Tau Drones plus some assorted Tau bits.
    5 Tyranid Termagants, base coated.
    8 Tyranid Spore Mines, still on sprues.
    5 Tyranid Genestealers, still on sprue.
    7 Dark Eldar Kalabites i believe, though not positive.
    1 Dark Eldar Raider/Ravager with a bit of pieces missing/damaged. base coated.

    I am interested in getting back into 40k. however with the new rulebook coming out and my interest being in Necrons or SM i would prefer to sell these and put the money towards other 40k costs. I will sell it all in one big batch for $100 obo. you can contact me at my email wyldechyld777@gmail.com also all items were painted with citedel brand paints. so stripping shouldn't be a problem if you do not like the paint jobs. btw i am in Kelowna. I will also consider Warmahorde trades because i am going to start up with that game.

    FIRE IT UP!!!


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