Hey, questions and brainstorms

  • Hey errybody, I'm trying to make a terrible deck less terrible. So far I just have a vague idea, and am grabbing whatever cards I can think of that work well together.
    Right now, the idea is:
    Get Melek, Get Strionic resonator, Get prophet of kruphix, have a wildly good time.
    Melek copies instants, resonator copies copies, prophet of kruphix gives you tonnes of mana, and creatures at instant speed. My google-fu is too weak, I can't find any conversations on whether Melek allows you to cast flash creatures from the top of your library. My gut says yes, but I really can't be sure, so anybody that has a definite answer would be doing me a favour.
    Besides all this, I've been looking at pyxis of pandemonium and thinking it works nicely with melek, fixing the top card of your deck and tucking away only what you want tucked away. Pyxis isn't a great card, but the fun that could be had is tempting.

    So, cards that work nicely with pyxis:
    Ogre battledriver/Hammer of purphoros: whatever pops out has haste.
    Big ass creatures like worldspine wurm and skarrg goliath. I also have a couple utvaran hellkites that are fun.

    Cards that work nicely with melek while considering the resonator (a third cast for 2 mana means anything 3 mana or more is at a heavy discount.):
    X cost cards: Obviously.
    Magma jet: damage plus fixing the top cards of your deck.
    Unexpected results: potentially hilarious fun with worldspine in the deck. Also, mana.
    Fated infatuation: Steep mana requirements but cloning a spell that clones creatures and has scry built in is far too tempting not to mention. With melek, 4 strionic resonators and a worldspine wurm out, I could make another 6 wurms for the cost of one wurm? That's a stupid edge case but it makes me giggle.
    Urban evolution: Say I get this guy out, thats a lot of potential free land drops and card draws. Expensive, but this whole deck is about dreaming big and flopping around like a flipper baby.
    I've got other cards i'm considering but these were the basic ideas. I know this deck is bad, on paper, but it has so much hilarious potential I want to at least try.

  • Unfortunately I don't think melek will let you cast creatures. Only instants and sorceries.

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