That new bearded guy's trade thread.

  • Hey errybody, Brendan here, I'm that new bearded guy that's been coming out friday the last couple weeks. I have a trade binder finally, I'm bringing mostly standard legal stuff but I have a lot of older cards too so if you are looking for stuff just ask. I stopped buying cards around 2001~ so the last 10 sets or so are absent. I have a fair bit of saga and legacy left though, and you know, forgotten empires? heh.

    Looking for strionic resonators, I have one, would like a playset. 75 cents I know, but it is an amusing card and I want to see if I can make it do things.
    Looking for one Melek, izzet paragon. Strionic resonator makes him do fun things.
    I need 2 magma jets (NEED) Someone said they were willing to help me out with this the first night I came out but I will not hold them to this. I got one in my entire booster box.
    Somewhat interested in skarrg goliath x2, I have an idea…..
    Another Ral Zarek is a want, not a need. I have two but a consistent draw would be nice.
    Unexpected results x3, this would be a pretty high value use for Melek, and ties into a few other ideas I have for the deck.
    That's all I can think of for now, hopefully people can bring some of these out for the next FNM. I think this week's is cancelled but for next time.
    Also looking for worldspine wurms. 3 of them.

  • Hey Brendan, Paul here. Any chance you've got any metalworkers or grim monoliths from Urza block available? I've got 2 resonators and a couple of gameday extended art meleks to start …

  • Hey man I have:
    3-strionic resonators-$2.25
    1-Melek, izzet paragon-$0.50
    2-skarrg goliath-$1.00
    2-magma jet-$2.00
    Total: $5.75

    What do you have for trade? Any temples?

  • I don't have any temples for trade sorry. I had one or two but they traded last week. I will be at the sunday pre-release, I'll bring my binder then unless there is anything else you can think of?
    Update: Just opened another magma jet so I only need 2 more now. Everything else should be the same.

  • I have one metalworker, I had a look and didn't see any monoliths.

  • sweet! maybe we can work something out at the sunday prerelease? I don't have a whole lot of standard value at the moment (cuz i don't play standard) but i'd be willing to buy you a few packs or singles if you don't see anything in my binder

    edit: i'd be willing to rip a worldspine wurm out of an edh deck for ya

  • If it'll help out my trade towards the metalworker we could do a 3-way trade with me giving Ev a Nykthos?

  • Sure yeah I'd definitely be down for that if we can work something out!

  • Sounds like a plan :)

  • Cool. See you guys on Sunday then!
    If you two know each other, Evan can help point me out. If not, i'm a ginger with a goatee and will probably be wearing a metal or hard rock band t-shirt.

  • I don't know anybody, I'm the guy that looks a lot like Gimli. Hope that helps :p

  • you now must carry an axe

  • You still have your hero's downfalls?

  • I'm sorry, I told some guy he could have my axe and he hasn't given it back yet.

    Haven't smelled nice since.

  • I do!

  • Thanks for the trade gentlemen!

  • A pleasure!

  • Current shopping list:
    Illusionist's bracers x2
    Aspect of hydra x1 (common i know but i don't have a playset :p)
    Witchstalker x3
    polukranos, world eater -whatever i can get.

  • i have 3 witchstalkers i can part with, check my trade thread see if theres anything there

    if not i'll have some more things im looking for soon when i get to building a new EDH deck

    What goes up must come sideways


  • Hey, I have a ral zarek. I am looking for bg temple or a lifebane zombie if you have either.

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • I have 3 Worldspine Wurms.
    Along with Unexpected Results, Melek, Ral, and Magma Jets if you need them still.

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