New Magic Player from Toronto!

  • Hi my name is Ben. Just wanted to introduce myself, got started in magic starting from M14 with a couple friends in toronto, but had to move out to kelowna for work. Can not wait to met all the people here in kelowna who are interested in magic like myself and will be here for the next 5 months taking part in almost every magic event there is here!!! Very excited and hope to meet all of you soon.

  • Hi Ben, and welcome to kelowna! Here's the events calendar if you're wondering when things are going on:
    The magic community here is pretty welcoming and should be able to answer any questions you might have

  • Hi Ben. As it so happens, I've been in Toronto for uni since September, and just got back. The magic community around here is pretty sweet, you should have a ton of fun! Where did you frequent for mtg in Toronto?

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    Hey Declan,
    I went to Hairy T North York as well as a place in Mississauga called Untouchables haha. Since it seems like you been around the area in Toronto, what do you think of Magic in Kelowna in terms of competitiveness and friendliness. Would you say it is more competitive out here or friendly than Toronto. Just trying to catch an idea before i head to the pre release here in Kelowna for Journey Into Nyx. It does seem like there is a huge community for Magic here though compared to Toronto. Look forward to seeing you all in the pre release or events at Quantum.

  • the community here is pretty big for the size of the city. it wont be as big as Toronto just due to population difference

    What goes up must come sideways


  • haha yeahhhh it seemed pretty big i was looking at the size of the pre releases here and to see that we can get up to 100 people going to the event this sunday for magic sounds cray to me haha =) look forward to playing the prerelease here this weekend tho

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