Hey Everyone!

  • Hey Everyone, My name is James; I'm a recent transplant from Vancouver Island, (I live in Nelson, but travelling wouldn't be a problem)I've played yugioh for quite a few years, and was wondering if there is a community here like there was on the Island, I used to regularly participate in tournaments, and trades, I look forward to playing with all you guys! thanks for your time!

  • Just wanted to give you a heads up the yugioh players dont really use the forums but apparently the tournaments have good turnouts. There is a list of events on the website. good luck!!

  • thanks Tanny! its a shame they don't really use the forums, thats a bit of a bummer, oh well thanks again!

  • Pretty sure Yugioh tournaments are not on the events calendar just looking at it. I am fairly certain they play on Saturdays during the day. Al or Jen can confirm this.

  • It's every sunday unless they've changed it (which i doubt). You could phone the store to confirm: http://www.quantumgames.ca/contact-us
    Oh and welcome to Kelowna

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    Hey james
    We hold Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments every sunday at 12:30pm and its a $5 entry which you get a booster pack with. We average about 20 players each sunday and its 3 rounds of swiss with a top 8 playoff and prizes for first and second.

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