I am looking for some Star Wars ccg cards to complete my collections.

  • Hey,
    As the title implies, I'm looking for swccg cards to complete my collections. If you have any collecting dust around the old homestead and you would like to get rid of them, I may be able to take them off your hands! Drop me an email at Devius@shaw.ca
    Thanks for reading!

  • i have SWCCG stuff; what are you looking for?

  • A wb millenium falcon and a wb jedi lightsaber to complete my premiere set. I have most sets in various stages of completion aside from jabbas palace and cloud city (which I did have but I sold eons ago). I would like to compile a decent sized reserve of cards to actually start playing again as well.

  • I might have an unlimited jedi lightsaber, but i don't have the unlimited MF. I have cards from premiere, limited and unlimited, qll the way through dsII and RflII. No naboo stuff, but i might have some coruscant stuff.

  • Ultimate nerd alert :P

  • Magic is definitely nerdier

  • Sweet. I'm interested in everything up to dsII. I left after and from what I've read it sucks. Are you wanting to unload everything or just singles?

  • I'm not sure if i want to unload everything or not, but i have toyed with the idea. email me at stevedotfrench07atgmaildotcom and we can talk about that.

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