Daniel's Trade Thing

  • A total of 643 cards up for trade.
    Black: (92)

    Army of the Damned x 1

    Ascendant Evincar x 1

    Attrition x 1

    Bad Moon x 4

    Bloodghast x 2

    Bloodline Keeper x 4

    Bloodlord of Vaasgoth x 3

    Butcher of Malakir x 2

    Call to the Grave x 2

    Captivating Vampire x 1

    Cemetery Reaper x 1

    Chancellor of the Dross x 1

    Crypt Ghast (1 Foil) x 4

    Curse of Death's Hold x 1

    Curse of the Cabal x 1

    Dark Prophecy x 1

    Dark Ritual x 3

    Descent into Madness x 1

    Demonic Rising x 1

    Endless Ranks of the Dead x 1

    Fiend of the Shadows x 1

    Geth, Lord of the Vault x 1

    Glistening Oil (1 Foil) x 2

    Grave Betrayal x 2

    Guul Draz Assassin x 1

    Herald of Leshrac x 2

    Hex x 2

    Increasing Ambition x 1

    Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet x 1

    Life's Finale x 2

    Lord of the Undead x 1

    Maga, Traitor of Mortals x 1

    Mikaeus, the Unhallowed x 1

    Necropolis Regent x 3

    Nezumi Shortfang x 1

    Pack Rat x 3

    Patron of the Nezumi x 1

    Phylactery Lich x 4

    Pontiff of the Blight x 2

    Relentless Rat x 10

    Sever the Bloodline x 1

    Shimian Specter x 2

    Soulless One x 1

    Unbreathing Horde x 2

    Undercity Plague x 3

    Vampire Nocturnus x 2

    Xathrid Gorgon x 1

    Zombie Apocalypse x 2

    Blue: (76)

    Arcanis, the Omnipotent x 1

    Blue Sun's Zenith x 3

    Captain of the Mists x 1

    Chancellor of the Spires x 1

    Clone x 6

    Consecrated Sphinx x 2

    Coralhelm Commander x 2

    Counterbore x 2

    Devastation Tide x 2

    Dismiss into Dream x 1

    Erayo, Soratami Ascendant x 1

    Frost Titan x 1

    Galerider Sliver (Foil) x 1

    Grand Architect x 2

    Jushi Apprentice x 2

    Lighthouse Chronologist x 3

    Ludevic's Test Subject x 2

    Mindbreak Trap x 4

    Mind Spring x 1

    Mistbind Clique x 2

    Patron of the Moon x 1

    Quicksilver Gargantuan x 2

    Realmwright x 2

    Recurring Insight x 2

    Redirect x 2

    Renegade Doppleganger x 1

    Roil Elemental x 2

    Scion of Oona x 2

    Spelltwine x 2

    Spirit Away x 1

    Stolen Identity x 1

    Sprite Noble x 2

    Surrakar Spellblade x 1

    Talrand, Sky Summoner (Foil) x 1

    Tidebinder Mage x 1

    Time Reversal x 1

    Time Stop x 2

    Topsy Turvy x 2

    Training Grounds x 2

    Vexing Sphinx x 4

    Xenograft x 1
    Green: (80)

    Asceticism x 2

    Boundless Realms x 2

    Champion of Lambholt x 2

    Cliffrunner Behemoth x 2

    Craterhoof Behemoth x 1

    Earth Surge x 2

    Elderscale Wurm x 1

    Elvish Archdruid x 4

    Endless Swarm x 1

    Engulfing Sllagwurm x 4

    Feed the Pack x 2

    Feral Hydra x 3

    Genesis Wave x 1

    Green Sun's Zenith x 1

    Groundbreaker x 2

    Hydra Omnivore x 1

    Immaculate Magistrate x 1

    Increasing Savagery x 4

    Kessig Cagebreakers x 2

    Khalni Hydra x 2

    Lotus Cobra x 2

    Magus of the Library x 2

    Mana Bloom x 1

    Master of the Wild Hunt x 1

    Melira, Sylvok Outcast x 1

    Momentous Fall x 1

    Myojin of Life's Web x 1

    Omnath, Locus of Mana x 2

    Predatory Rampage x 1

    Primeval Bounty x 2

    Primordial Hydra x 4

    Protean Hydra x 4

    Rampaging Baloths x 2

    Realms Uncharted x 1

    Revenge of the Hunted x 1

    Reverent Hunter x 1

    Skinshifter x 1

    Soul of the Harvest x 2

    Spearbreaker Behemoth x 2

    Sprouting Phytohydra x 2

    Vengevine x 2

    Vigor x 1

    Wild Defiance x 1

    Wolfbriar Elemental x 2
    Red: (83)

    Ancient Hellkite x 2

    Archwing Dragon x 2

    Ash Zealot x 2

    Ball Lightning x 2

    Bloodhall Ooze x 4

    Bogardan Hellkite x 2

    Bonfire of the Damned x 1 (15)

    Burn at the Stake x 1

    Chain Reaction x 4

    Chancellor of the Forge x 1

    Devil's Play x 1

    Dragonstorm x 1

    Dragonmaster Outcast x 2

    Dual Casting x 2

    Elemental Appeal x 2

    Furyborn Hellkite x 2

    Galvanoth x 2

    Goblin Snowman x 1

    Greater Gargadon x 2

    Hellion Eruption x 1

    Hell's Thunder x 1

    Incandescent Soulstroke x 2

    Instigator Gang x 1

    Kargan Dragonlord x 2

    Kilnmouth Dragon x 2

    Lord of Shatterskull Pass x 1

    Magmaquake x 1

    Malignus x 1

    Molten Psyche x 1

    Moonveil Dragon x 2

    Ogre Battledriver x 1

    Possibility Storm x 2

    Predator Dragon x 1

    Preyseizer Dragon x 1

    Rage Nimbus x 1

    Rakka Mar x 1

    Red Sun's Zenith x 1

    Reverberate x 2

    Rite of Ruin x 1

    Scoria Wurm x 1

    Scourage of Valkas x 1

    Scrambleverse x 1

    Shivan Dragon x 1

    Siege of Towers x 2

    Slumbering Dragon x 2

    Spikeshot Elder x 1

    Thundermaw Hellkite x 2

    Torchling x 1

    Two-Headed Dragon x 1

    Tyrant of Discord x 2

    Warstorm Surge x 2

    Wild Ricochet x 2

    Wrecking Ogre x 2

    White: (68)

    Admonition Angel x 1

    Aegis Angel x 2

    Angelic Destiny x 1

    Blade Splicer x 2

    Blind Obedience x 2

    Boon Reflection x 1

    Celestial Archon (Promo) x 1

    Celestial Force x 1

    Chancellor of the Annex x 1

    Dispatch x 4

    Divine Deflection x 2

    Entreat the Angels x 2

    Gift of Immortality x 2

    Hedron-Field Purists x 4

    Herald of War x 2

    Hero of Bladehold x 1

    Hour of Reckoning x 1

    Hundred-Handed One x 1

    Indomitable Archangel x 2

    Intrepid Hero x 2

    Leonin Arbiter x 2

    Marshal's Anthem x 2

    Martial Law x 2

    Myojin of Cleansing Fire (Foil) x 2

    Path to Exile x 2

    Personality Sanctuary x 1

    Restoration Angel x 2

    Serra Avatar x 1

    Serra Avenger x 4

    Sigil of the Empty Throne x 1

    Silence x 2

    Silverblade Paladin x 4

    Storm Herd x 1

    Sublime Archangel x 1

    Tempered Steel x 4

    Transcendent Master x 2

    Multi-Colored: (80)

    Apocalypse Hydra x 1

    Ashen Rider (Foil) x 1

    Blood Baron of Vizkopa x 1

    Boros Battleshaper (Foil) x 1

    Bruna, Light of Alabaster x 1

    Carnival Hellsteed x 1

    Child of Alara x 1

    Chorus of the Conclave x 1

    Collective Blessing x 2

    Conflux x 2

    Countersquall x 4

    Death Grasp x 1

    Dragonlair Spider x 1

    Dragonshift x 2

    Emmara Tandris x 1

    Epic Experiment x 2

    Evil Twin x 1

    Figure of Destiny x 2

    Finest Hour x 1

    Firemind's Foresight x 1

    Gahiji, Honored One x 1

    Gaze of Granite (1 Foil) x 2

    Genju of the Realm x 2

    Ghave, Guru of Spores x 1

    Glen Elendra Liege x 1

    Godsire x 1

    Grand Arbiter Augustin IV (Foil) x 1

    Growing Ranks x 2

    Gruul Ragebeast x 2

    Havoc Festival x 1

    High Priest of Penance x 4

    Horde of Notions x 2

    Hypersonic Dragon x 1

    Karador, Ghost Chieftain x 1

    Knights of New Alara x 2

    Kresh the Bloodbraided x 2

    Loleth Troll x 1

    Maelstrom Nexus x 2

    Mayael the Anima x 2

    Medomi the Ageless x 1

    Melek, Izzet Paragon x 2

    Merciless Eviction x 2

    Mishra, Artificer Prodigy x 2

    Nicol Bolas x 1

    Nivmagus Elemental x 2

    Nobilis of War x 1

    Obzedat, Ghost Council x 2

    Oona, Queen of the Fae (Foil) x 1

    Oracle of Nectars x 2

    Overbeing of Myth x 1

    Progenitor Mimic x 1

    Progenitus x 1

    Realm Razer x 2

    Reap Intellect x 1

    Scion of the Ur-Dragon x 1

    Signal the Clans x 1

    Sire of Insanity x 1

    Sliver Overlord x 2

    Spined Sliver x 1

    Spitting Image x 2

    Stitch in Time x 2

    Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts x 1

    The Mimeoplasm x 1

    Ulasht, the Hate Seed x 2

    Unexpected Results x 2

    Uril, the Miststalker x 2

    Wayfaring Temple x 1

    Wydwen, the Biting Gale x 2

    Zhur-Taa Ancient x 1

    Land: (25)

    Blood Crypt x 1

    Crumbling Necropolis x 2

    Crypt of Agadeem x 2

    Crystal Quarry x 1

    Desolate Lighthouse x 2

    Dreadship Reef x 2

    Jungle Shrine x 2

    Magosi, the Waterveil x 2

    Nephalia Drownyard x 1

    Savage Lands x 2

    Seaside Citadel x 2

    Stensia Bloodhall (Foil) x 1

    Swamp #240 (Foil) x 1

    Temple of Deceit x 2

    Thespian's Stage x 2

    Planeswalkers: (22)

    Chandra, Pyromaster x 2

    Chandra Nalaar x 3

    Elspeth, Knight-Errant x 1

    Elspeth Tirel x 1

    Garruk, Primal Hunter x 1

    Gideon Jura x 1

    Jace, Architect of Thought x 1

    Jace Beleren x 1

    Jace, Memory Adept x 2

    Karn Liberated x 1

    Liliana of the Dark Realms x 1

    Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker x 1

    Nissa Revane x 1

    Sorin Markov x 1

    Tamiyo, the Moon Sage x 2

    Tezzeret, the Seeker x 1

    Venser, the Sojourner x 1

    Animar, Soul of Elements
    Cryptic Command
    Godsire (The 8/8 Beast tokens would be terrific too)
    Liege creaturs (Any colors)
    Loyal Retainers
    Maelstrom Wanderer
    Paradise Mantle (I just need 3)
    Reaper King
    Shock Lands (Any colors)
    Sigil of the Empty Throne
    Vexing Devil
    Wurmcoil Engine


    If I have something nice you want, just feel free to make an offer with what you have, and we will get around to a deal eventually.
    This is also the first time I have posted here. So, if the format is wrong, or I did something stupid, just tell me.

  • hey daniel, paul here. i've got an offer for you:

    paradise mantle (modern masters) x2 @ $3ea = $6
    paradise mantle (fifth dawn) $4
    murkfiend liege (commander 2013) $3

    myojin of cleansing fire (foil) $8
    grand architect x2 @ $1ea = $2
    spitting image $2
    swamp #240 (foil) $1

    let me know what you think of that.

    I generally do most of my trading here through the use of the in-store trade box meaning we each just go into the store and leave our half of the trade with who it's to and from.

  • Hmmm… I will think about it, and yea the trade box thing would be best.
    I am curious as to which pricing guide you use?
    I hate to be picky, but I am kind of an OCD freak when it comes to deck building. That being said, I would gladly take the two MM Paradise Mantles. I also would like to say that Murkfeind would be low on the list of Lieges I want, but I am more, or less fine with it.

  • I use Starcity for pricing (and so does Quantum)<br />so minus the fifth dawn mantle we have this (assuming that floppy &quot;ok&quot; on the liege was a yes lol)<br /><p style="margin-right: 10px;">my:<br /><br /> paradise mantle (modern masters) x2 @ $3ea = $6<br /><br /> murkfiend liege (commander 2013) $3<br /><br /> =$9<br /><p style="margin-right: 10px;">your:<br /><br /> myojin of cleansing fire (foil) $8<br /><br /> swamp #240 (foil) $1<br /><br /> =$9<br /><p style="margin-right: 10px;">and if you think of anything else you might need i am still interested in the 2 grand architects.<br /><p style="margin-right: 10px;">my thread just got an overhaul and can be found here:<a href=""http://www.quantumgames.ca/forum/hawkers-alley/ccg/pauls-trade-thread"" target="_blank">http://www.quantumgames.ca/forum/hawkers-alley/ccg/pauls-trade-thread</a><br /><p style="margin-right: 10px;">keep me posted

  • Well, I was kind of dumb, and probably should have mentioned that it was this land…

    I will check out your thread, and get back to you.

  • I am also interested in Dragon Arch, Lotus Vale, and Visara the Dreadful.

  • Ok then how about this? Also thought I'd mention that it saves negotiation time if you put up card editions next to cards that have been printed multiple times.

    paradise mantle (modern masters) x2 @ $3ea = $6
    Dragon arch $2.50
    murkfiend liege (commander 2013) $3
    Visara the dreadful (onslaught) $4
    Lotus vale $8

    myojin of cleansing fire (foil) $8
    grand architect x2 @ $1ea = $2
    Craterhoof behemoth $5
    Dark ritual (edition?) x3 @ $1ea? = $3
    Arcanis the omnipotent (edition?) $6

  • Sorry about that… I did the list at like, 1 in the morning. I will update it.
    Myojin of Cleansening Flames (Foil) = $8.00
    Grand Architect x 2 = $2.00 total
    Craterhoof Behemoth = $5.00
    Dark Ritual (5th) = $1.50
    Total = $16.50

    Paradise Mantle x 2 (MM) = $6.00
    Dragon Arch = $2.50
    Lotus Vale = $8.00
    Total = $16.50

    If you really, really want to get Arcanis, the Omnipotent (10th) we can work something out

  • Sounds good to me and no I didn't really need the Arcanis for anything, just thought it'd b nice having one around. I'm currently thinking i'll be heading to the shop on Tuesday to drop em off. If that changes i'll let you know

  • I can be up there anytime Sunday, or any day after school this week. Thank you.

  • i dropped off your half today. thanks for the trade

  • Thank you very much. I picked it up just after it was dropped off.

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