Nathans Trade Thread

  • Need few standard cards
    2x Hero of Oxid Ridge
    3x Hero of bladehold
    3x Koth of the Hammer

    Also looking for stuff to add options to my GW EDH

    1 Doubling Season
    1 Yavimaya Elder
    1 Academy Rector
    1 Myojin of Cleansing Fire
    1 Argothian Enchantress
    1 Life from the Loam
    1 Aspect of Mongoose
    1 Enchantress's Presence
    1 Winding Canyons

    Have List (Did not bother listing a lot of stuff of low value but you can always ask)

    Blackcleave Cliffs x1
    Drowned Catacomb x1
    Crypt of Agadeem x1
    Rootbound Crag x1
    Sunpetal Grove x1

    Windbrisk Heights x3
    Rustic Clachan x4
    Flooded Grove x1
    Graven Cairns x1
    Underground River x1
    Sulfurous SPrings x1
    Shivan Reef x4
    Caves of Koilos x1
    Karplusan Forest x4
    Treetop Village x1
    Reflecting Pool x4
    Tolaria West x1
    Sunken Ruins x3

    Ezuri, Renegade Leader x1
    Phyrexian Hydra x3
    Mul Daya Channelers x1
    Creeping Corrosion x1

    Hurricaine x1
    Prismatic Omen x1
    Splitting Image x1

    Phyrexian Vatmother x2
    Phyrexian Crusader x1
    Black Sun Zenith x2
    Carnifex Demon x2
    Glissa (non-promo) x1
    Necrotic Ooze x2
    Haunting Echoes x2
    Guul Draz Assassin x1
    Dark Tutelage x2
    Sadistic Sacrament x2

    Grave Pact x1
    Doomed Necromancer x1
    Lethal Vapors x1
    Ascendant Evincar x1
    Midnight Ritual x1
    Underworld Dreams x1
    Violent Ultimatum x1
    Tendrils of Agony x1
    Extirpate x1
    Ad Nauseam x5
    Thoughtseize x1
    Spiteful Visions x1
    Doran x1

    Sphinx of Jwar Isle x2
    Consecrated Sphinx x1
    Cryptoplasm x1
    Renegade Doppelganger x1
    Sphinx of Lost Truths x3

    Counterbalance x1
    Cruel Ultimatum x3

    Lightning Bolt (foil full art) x2
    Devestating SUmmons x3
    Chandra Nalaar x2
    Warren Instigator x4
    Red Sun Zenith (foil) x1
    Bogardan Hlelkite x1
    Goblin Chieftain x3
    Chandra Ablaze x1
    Tunnel Ignus x4

    Ajani Vengeant x3
    Vexing Shusher x3
    Taurean Mauler x4
    Figure of Destiny x5

    Sunblast Angel x1
    White Sun Zenith x1
    Honor of the Pure x1
    Felidar Sovereign
    Ajani Goldmane x1
    Leonin Arbiter x4
    Emeria Angel x3
    Phyrexian Rebirth x1
    Student of Warfare x1

    Meddling Mage x4
    Knight of the White Orchid x4
    Reveillark x3
    Idyllic Tutor x1
    Hallowed Burial x1
    Austere Command x3

    Bonehoard x1
    Precursor Golem x1
    Steel Overseer x1
    Mimic Vat x1
    Basilisk Collar



  • ive got an obsitnate baloth that you could borrow/trade

  • updated



  • Watchoo got for trade? I could do some digging and find a bunch of that stuff.

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  • i have one of each of the heros and i might have the Linvala

  • I have a worldly tutor available last time I checked

  • I forgot all about the cards that you want for EDH, jt. Remind me to flip through your traders or something and we can try figure something out for some of that stuff.

    "A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness."


  • I'll be there Friday and Saturday to trade and play so look for me then, If i get around to it I'll update with a Have list soon…



  • Meh. Browsing through your binder will be fine. I am not in a particular rush to have to mill through boxes of cards.

    I'll be there on Caturday for the tournament and, of course, the Tattoo Massacre of 2011(!!)

    "A great value of antiquity lies in the fact that its writings are the only ones that modern men still read with exactness."


  • nathan. my bad for not giving you the blackcleave cliffs before i left the shop. it completely slipped my mind. as i noticed i have your kitchen finks already. if u need it in the morning before you go let me know. kyle

  • I have 2 Hero of Bladehold.

    Troll extraordinaire. PT Paris scrub out.


  • edit
    Nvm, found one

  • hey nathan ..i didnt know who you were at the draft….you came to arron's bachelor party right?...anyways i got everything you need still, if you want to make that trade you proposed earlier.

    Uncing my way to victory.


  • I have an extra copy of Life From The Loam I am able to trade off. Would you be interested in trading a Consecrated Sphinx for a Life From The Loam?

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