Devan's Trade Thread *added a bit*

  • Wants:
    1x Bonescythe Sliver
    1x Fabled Hero

    1x Unflinching Courage
    4x Selesnya Charm
    4x Boros Charm

    2x Sacred Foundary
    3x Temple Garden
    4x Stomping Grounds

    1x Temple of Abandon
    2x Temple of Triumph

    Low Priority:
    3x Master Biomancer



    1x Agent of the Fates
    1x Whip of Erebos
    1x Curse of the Swine
    1x Meletis Charlatan
    1x Prognostic Sphinx
    1x Bident of Thassa (promo)
    1x Arbor Colossus
    1x Reverent Hunter
    1x Labyrinth Champion
    1x Pyxis of Pandemonium


    1x Windreader Sphinx

    1x Burning Earth
    1x Ogre Battledriver (foil alt. art)

    1x Imposing Sovereign

    1x Guardian of the Ages
    1x Pyromancer's Gauntlet
    1x Strionic Resonator

    Dragon's Maze:

    1x Aetherling
    1x Trait Doctoring
    1x Pyrewild Shaman
    1x Renounce the Guilds
    1x Advent of the Wurm (foil)
    1x Boros Battleshaper
    2x Breaking/Entering (1 promo)
    1x Council of the Absolute
    1x Dragonshift
    1x Emma Tandris
    1x Notion Thief
    2x Sire of Insanity


    1x Simic Manipulator
    1x Skarrg Goliath
    1x Fathom Mage (foil)
    1x Gruul Ragebeast
    1x Mystic Genesis
    1x Rubblebelt Raiders
    1x Rubblehulk (foil)
    1x Unexpected Results

    Return to Ravnica:

    1x Sphinx of the Chimes
    1x Mercurial Chemister
    1x Grisly Salvage (foil/promo)
    1x Chromatic Lantern

  • I am interested in both of your Thoughtseizes, you don't have enough wants listed however. I have 3 Master Biomancers that you need but the rest of your wants are a dollar each.

    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • Hey Devan. I welcome to the great life of MTG. Kind of hard to make trades as you don't have a lot of wants but does this work?

    Gift of Immortality x3
    Random Buck Rare


    Whip of Erebos

    I'm also interested in your Thoughtseizes if there are any more valuable cards you are in need of.

    Here's a link to my trade thread:

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  • hey ryan just letting you know that the link to your thread above goes to starcity… lol

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  • Ya, I have decided to start building a sliver deck so I am interested in any from M14. I am also looking for a few shock lands that aren't black or breeding pools. As I start to play more and find cards that I want I will update my list.

  • Ya that trade sounds good, I will take one of your megantic slivers for the buck rare.

  • Kk. I'll be by this Friday to drop off my half. Have you ever used the trade bin at Quantum before?

    Slinging cardboard since 1879


  • Hi Devan,

    We played on Friday (I was running black devotion at the single table) and we did a small trade for the Galerider Sliver. How about the following:

    2x Master Biomancer (12)
    4x Manaweft Sliver (6)
    2x Megantic Sliver (1 foil promo, 1 normal) (2.5)
    1x Galerider Sliver (3)
    3x Fabled Hero (4.5)
    Total: 28

    1x Hero's Downfall (16)
    1x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (12)
    Total: 28

  • Hey Devan,

    Not too sure if James (taintstrike) or Ryan (Ddayrm) has scooped up your Thoughtseize yet, but I would like to make an offer:

    1x Sacred Foundry - $13
    1x Mizzium Mortars - $4
    1x Temple of Abandon - $4
    Total = $21


    1x Thoughtseize - $20

    Let me know if that works for you.


  • Hi there :). Welcome the forums and magic!

    Here's an offer for you:

    2x Mizzium Motars
    1x Thorncaster Sliver

    for your

    1x Blind Obediance (Foil)
    1x Chromatic Lantern
    1x Assemble the legion

    I highly recommend pissing yourself…followed by a course of praying to your impotent god.


  • hi devan, paul here. How about a small trade offer?

    galerider sliver $3

    ashen rider $3

  • Nope haven't yet, sounds like it is easy enough. Drop of cards and when both ends of the trade are there you can pick up your new cards?

  • Sounds like a deal. Do you want to use the trade box at quantum or meet up? I am unsure if I will be at magic this week.

  • Unfortuneately I already traded my Assemble the Legion, I forgot to update my thread sorry about that. Would you be interested in anything else? Would have liked to make that trade.

  • The trade box is fine. I probably wont be at the store for a little bit either so no rush on getting the card there


  • I took a look at your trade thread I am interested in Sacred foundary and mizzium mortars. I have put getting master biomancer on the backburner for a bit, I need a change up in my standard. How does this sound?
    1x Heroes Downfall (16)
    1x Nykthos Shrine to Nyx (12)
    4x Manaweft Sliver (6)
    1x Megantic Sliver (regular) (.5)
    1x Mizzium Mortars (4)
    1x Sacred Foundary (14)
    2x Fabled Hero (3)
    Total: 27.5
    Let me know what you think.

  • Ya sounds pretty good to me. Would you be able to throw in a few commons just cause it is a mythic for a rare? There is a list under my wants of what I am looking for it just saves me a bit of time and money. If not, I'm still good to go on this. Not sure if I am going to magic this week I can drop the card off at quantum sometime this week though.

  • Sounds good to me, not sure when I will be in the store next but I might go to standard on Wednesday night but if not I can make run there on the weekend if necessary. Have you used the stores drop box before? You just label what you have and who it is for then the next person does the same and Quantum is nice enough to act as an intermediate drop off point. Just let me know when you think you can be in and I will try and drop off before or soon after.

  • My:
    Blur Sliver x 1
    Striking Sliver x 1
    Megantic Sliver x 1
    Temple Garden x 1
    Temple of Triumph 2
    Temple of Abandon x 1
    Mizzium Mortars x 2
    Fabled Hero x 3

    Thoughtseize (foil) x 1

  • I have not used the box before but it sounds simple enough. I am unsure if I will be at Magic wednesday night to play but if you are there I can prob swing by as it isn't very far from my house and I will need to drop off some other cards.

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