How to fill in your sealed deck registration

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    Your First PTQ – How to fill in your Sealed Deck Registration form by George Williams

    So, it is possibly your first PTQ – or at least your first sealed event at competitive. You are super excited about what you will open, have looked at all of the relevant information on the format and you get to the PTQ. You listen (or as is the case half listen) to the guy in black give the head judge speech and you just want to open up some packs.

    It is at this point, the other 3-6 judges come around with your packs, and a sheet of paper. What you need to understand is that the packs you are given, are not your own and you have to become part of the admin team and register the pool of cards – that is the cards that you open in your packs. This is then randomly re-assigned after you have filled out the deck registration sheet.

    I will point out now however, that it is no longer a penalty to drop from the event as soon as you open the packs. In Return to Ravnica (RTR) block, if you get 2 foilVoice of Resurgence, you can drop and probably go home happy!

    Anyway, I digress. For those of you that have never seen a deck registration form it looks something like this below.

    A few things to note on here. There are two places for names, one is for the person who registered the pool, and one who used it. Also, there are two columns for everything apart from basic land. One says**“Total”and one says“Played”.**To start with, we are only interested in the “Total” columns.

    Anyway, first of all you need to put your name and DCI number in the left hand block on the sheet. You are now the player registering the deck. Once this is done, you can crack open the packs.

    One thing to note with the packs is that you do not have to register any basic land or cards that are not from the set that you open. What this means is that you get to keep non-foil basic lands and token cards. However as you are not the player who will use this – don’t just look at the rares, start to sort the cards into colour piles as this makes things easier later.

    Once you have sorted this into colour order it is usually a good idea to then sort the pile alphabetically. This not only helps you but the person who receives your pool.

    Once you have sorted your cards, then you need to list how many you opened. If you look at your sheet –which does have your name on right!?– Where it says “T**otal”**you need to write how many of the card you opened. So for example if you opened 2 xDoom Blades you would put a 2 in the Total column. If you think you make a mistake, just raise your hand a get a judge –we don’t bite!

    When doing this though, don’t put “0″ (zero) in everything else, and roman numerals are hard to read as well – this is coming from a judge who has had to check these. Repeat this for each card you opened, and then count your cards and the number of cards you registered. The total, assuming no foil basic lands, is 84 cards.

    If you have any foil basic lands, you usually just put it in the basic land section saying 1Islandfor example.

    Anyway, you now wrap your 84 cards in the deck sheet and hand this into the judge who will collect the pools, or you will pass them yourself according the head judge’s instructions. Now comes the next step. Actually making your deck!

    Building the deck

    So now you have done the admin work, and you get passed a new set of cards. Now feel free to see what you were passed as this is what you have been given to work with. Check you have been given the correct number of cards (84) and usually check the cards are correct. This is why putting cards in alphabetical order is a good idea!

    Put your name on the sheet in the right hand box, and put your first letters of your surname in the top right and again your DCI number. You are now the player using the deck.

    Now, you build your deck like you would at pre-release. However, at competitive you have to start each game with the deck you register on the sheet. You cannot change the deck completely half way through the tournament. You can however, change in between games in a match as usual.

    Once you have a deck you are happy with, in the Played column, you say how many you are using. Again, if you were playing 2Shock, you would put a 2 in the Played column.

    One mistake that I have seen many players do, it to forget to register the amount of basic land that they play with.**Make your land choices, then put how many Basic Lands you are using.**Don’t forget to do this as it is such a silly thing to lose a game for.

    Wrapping up

    So, you now have a deck, go and enjoy your competitive event. Hopefully get the ticket and glory (well it never happened for me, I took the black). However remember:

    • 84 cards should be registered
    • Name goes on top
    • Try not to use roman numerals
    • Put the cards in colour and alphabetical order
    • Ask a judge if you need help

    Actually, I can’t stress that enough, we are here to help, please ask us things. It keeps us busy!

    Have fun, and good luck with what you get passed.

    George Williams

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