Quantum Games Redesign

  • Hey all, just redesigning the Quantum site on paper and figured I should solicit a few suggestions from the community.
    My precious has bloated into quite the fat little mutant.
    The redesign is mostly templates. Cleaner look, fonts, colours, etc.
    I'm focusing on particular features such as the events, forum and the buy list as according to analytics, this is where people spend their time.
    If you have an interest in seeing a new layout, new features, etc, don't hesitate to post. Post links to sites and describe what you think is cool about the site in question.
    I've reviewed the existing backlog of suggestions and a few of the bits in there are going to be addressed as well; particularly the game collections and some honour badges thereby.
    Dunno about icons as that's a lot of little pictures to make but.. if someone went through the effort of making the tiles, I don't see why we couldn't CSS them in.

    Bots wise, we've installed several security bits to quell the issue and I'm assuming nobody's seen a penis enlargement ad since?

    All the best everybody!

  • Needs moar cowbell!
    On a serious note, I did enjoy having the "Recent Comments" and "Recent Threads" activity on the left hand side of the page. Made it quick and easy to see whats up without having to navigate through the forums, and to see if any new threads have been created in other sections since most of our time is spent in the Hawker's Alley area.
    Thanks for everything you are doing!

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