Are you a video gamer? Help me and my business idea!

  • Hi there!
    My name is Daniel. I am part of a group that is looking to start a new business here in Kelowna.
    Kelowna's first eSports Bar and Lounge!
    Wanna "frag noobs" and snack on food while punching your buddy in the shoulder? Want to watch a stream of a League of Legends competition on a huge TV with drinks and food available? Want somewhere to go to talk about games and then play them…and not care what anyone else in the place thinks?
    We know we do, so we are starting to build a business where video gamers can come to play, lounge, and eat. If you are interested in helping us, here is a link to a survey of ours so that we can get some market research done:
    Please take a moment to fill this out and help our dream become a reality.

    As for me personally, I have lived in Kelowna for over 10 years. I have played RPGs (currently am part of two Pathfinder campaigns, but Rifts world is one of my favorite concepts) since…1994? I have played Magic off and on since 1995 (started in Fallen Empires, just after The Dark cycled out). I have only known of Quantum for the last 6 years or so, unfortunately, but have enjoyed all the time I get to spend there for FNM drafts and prereleases when I can get to them.
    I look forward to being in touch with you!
    ".com Unity Project" representitive ;)

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