Tanner's Trade binder

  • If you have nothing on my wants list I'm always willing to accept good quality fodder that won't collect dust.

    Standard Wants

    4x anger of the gods
    1x Izzet Charm promo
    4x Fleecemane Lion
    3x Nykthos
    4x herald of torment
    3x Thassa

    ALL temples

    1x Misty Rainforest
    1x Scalding Tarn
    1x cryptic command
    2x Sygg, River cutthroat
    1x Silvergill Adept
    2x Remand (DD)
    4x Restoration Angel
    1x Kiki jiki
    3x Cavern of Souls

    Batterskull (Promo)
    Umezawa's Jitte
    primal command
    Puresteel paladin
    Idyllic tutor
    Steelshaper's gift
    Swords to plowshare (20)
    Argivian Archaeologist
    Mikokoro, Center of the Sea
    Thran dynamo
    Worn powerstone
    Eladamri's Call
    Phyrexian Metamorph
    Cold-Eyed Selkie
    Savor the Moment
    Bant Charm
    Spell Crumple
    finest hour
    Saffi Eriksdotter
    Sensei's Divining Top
    Temporal Mastery
    Dueling Grounds

    Throw ins

    Check lands
    promos (depends on art and card)


    VERY OUT OF DATE (If anyone actually posts having some of my wants I'll update)

    I can't promise they will always be perfectly up to date



    2x Ajani's Chosen
    Palisade Giant
    Seraph of the Sword
    Celestial Archon

    3x Awaken the Ancient
    Labyrinth Champ
    2x Ogre Battledriver (1 russian)
    2x Ash Zealot
    Guild Feud
    Shivan Dragon
    4x Titan of Eternal Fire
    Firedrinker Satyr
    Hammer of Purphoros

    3x Wild beastmaster
    2x Reverent Hunter
    Vastwood Hydra
    Garruk's Horde
    Skarrg Goliath
    Deadbridge Goliath
    Renegade Krasis

    2x Clone
    Artisan of Forms
    Bident of Thassa
    Dismiss into Dream
    2x Diluvian Primordial
    2x Sphinx of the Chimes
    Conjured Currency
    Shipbreaker Kraken

    3x Dark Prophecy
    2x Nighthowler
    3x Agent of Fates
    Grim Return
    Liliana's Reaver
    1x Underworld Connections (1 foil)
    Blood Scrivener
    Sepulchral Primordial
    Undercity Plague
    Ogre Slumlord

    2x Beck/Call
    Reap Intellect
    2x Cryptborn Horror
    Biomass Mutation
    2x Signal the Clans
    2x Firemind's Foresight
    Righteous Authority
    2x Consuming Aberation
    3x Fathom Mage (1 foil)
    Rakdos's Return
    Whispering Madness
    Mind Grind
    Ashen Rider
    Carnival's Hellsteed
    Jarad's Orders
    3x Mercurial Chemister
    2x Psychic Intrusion
    Catch/Release (foil)
    2x Triad of Fates (1 foil)
    Treasury Thrull
    Gruul Ragebeast
    4x Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch
    Rubblebelt Raiders
    2x Immortal Servitude
    4x Corpsejack Menace
    Medomai the Ageless
    Duskmantle Seer
    Polis Crusher

    2x Glaring Spotlight (1 foil)
    2x Strionic Resonator
    Colossus of Akros
    Volatile Rig
    Guardian of the Ages
    Pyromancer's Gauntlet

    Grove of the guardian
    Thespian's Stage
    Steam Vents


    3x memoricide
    Nithilistic Glee
    2x Painful Quandary
    Auntie's Snitch
    Mind Shatter
    Seize the Soul
    Masked Gorgon
    2x Demonic Rising
    2x Praetor's grasp
    Surgical Extraction
    Hand of the Praetors
    Sorin's Vengeance
    Lim-Dul the necromancer
    Guul Draz Assassin
    3x Horobi, Death's Wail
    Sudden Spoiling
    Treacherous Pit-Dweller
    3x Death's Shadow
    Malakir Bloodwitch
    Vengeful Pharaoh
    Weirding shaman
    Agadeem Occultist
    Kyoki, Sanity's Eclipse
    Halo Hunter
    Void Maw
    Endrek sahr, Master Breeder
    4x Boggart Mob
    2x Mortician Beetle
    Nether Traitor
    2x Replay in Kind
    2x Unbreathing Horde
    Bala Ged Thief
    Coonsume the Meek
    Cemetery reaper
    2x Sever the Bloodline

    Overwhelming Stampede (foil)
    Realms Uncharted
    4x Birds of Paradise
    Wolfbriar Elemental
    Ant Queen
    Nourishing Shoal
    Jedit Ojanen of Efrava
    Bear Umbra
    Leyline of Vitality
    2x Daybreak Ranger
    3x Mul Daya Channelers
    2x Stag Beetle
    Nantuko Mentor
    3x Stone-tongue Basilisk
    Phyrexian Hydra
    Elder of laurels
    Turntimber Ranger
    Roaring Slagwurm
    Verdeloth the Ancient
    2x Splinterfright
    Nantuko Cultivator
    Natural Affinity
    Steely Resolve
    2x Ground seal
    Greatbow Doyen
    Chancellor of the tangle
    Tooth and Nail
    Symbiotic Wurm
    Gutter grime
    3x Moldgraf monstrosity
    Elvish Archdruid
    Cream of the Crop
    2x Wolfir Silverheart
    2x ghoultree
    2x Yeva, Nature's Herald
    4x Vorapede
    3x Scute Mob
    Creeping Renaissace
    Melira, Sylvok Outcast
    Soul of the Harvest
    3x Protean Hydra
    Druids' Repository
    5x Predator Ooze (1 japanese?)

    2x Chronozoa
    Disspation Field
    Keiga, the Tide Star
    Frost Titan
    Mirror-Mad Phantasm
    Mahamoti Djinn
    3x Equilibrium
    2x Sphinx of Magosi (1 foil)
    3x Temporal Adept
    4x Lullmage Mentor
    Riptide Entrancer
    Wake Thrasher
    Scepter of Insight
    Magus of the Unseen
    Gravitational Shift
    Supreme Exemplar
    3x Renegade Doppelganger
    Conundrum Sphinx (Foil)
    Fleeting Image
    Roiling Elemental (foil)
    Distant Memories
    Cosi's Trickster
    Hisoka, Minamo Sensei
    2x Grimoire Thief (1 foil)
    Blue Sun's Zenith
    Knowledge Exploitation
    Time reversal
    2x Mindshrieker
    Laboratory Maniac
    Battle of Wits
    Spirit Away
    Back from the Brink
    Selective Memory
    3x Surrakar Spellblade
    Cackling Counterpart
    Psychic Surgery
    Devastation Tide
    Geralf's Mindcrusher

    Kinsbaile Borderguard
    2x Pentarch Paladin
    Phyrexian Rebirth
    2x Cathers' Crusade
    Champion of the Parish
    Angel of Flight Alabaster
    Divine Reckoning
    4x Near-death Experience
    Blinking Spirit
    Auriok Salvagers
    Leonin Arbiter
    Deathless Angel
    Pursuit of Knowledge
    Ageless Sentinels
    Selfless Exorcist
    ication Town
    Battle tide Alchemist
    Gerrard capashen
    Loxodon Gatekeeper
    2x Phyrexian Unlife
    World Queller
    Kjeldoran Royal Guard
    Vengeful Archon
    Captain of the Watch
    5x Hedron-Field Purists
    2x Nevermore
    4x Angels' Grace
    Dearly Departed
    4x Angel of Glory's rise

    Lovisa Coldeyes
    3x Fortune Thief (1 russian)
    Grim Lavemancer
    Instigator Gang
    Shared Animosity
    2x Countryside Crusher
    Hellkite Charger
    Hammerfist Giant
    Disaster Radius
    Leline of Lightning
    Greater Gargadon
    Tuktuk the Explorer
    Bazaar Trader
    2x Wild Evocation
    Magus of the Arena
    Firewing Phoenix
    Destructive Force
    2x Moltensteel Dragon
    Cyclops Gladiator
    Lord of Shatterskull Pass
    lavaball trap
    Hoarding Dragon
    Warstorm Surge
    Pardic Miner
    4x Hero of Oxid Ridge
    Slag Fiend
    Magus of the Scroll
    Rekindled Flame
    Bludgeon Brawl
    Invader Parasite
    Hellion Eruption
    3x Kruin Outlaw
    markov Blademaster
    Heretic's Punishment
    3x Hostility
    3x Tunnel Ignus
    Borderland Behemoth
    2x Curse of Stalked Prey
    Alpha Brawl
    2x reforge the Soul
    Hellkite Igniter
    2x Rage Nimbus
    Balefire dragon
    Tyrant of discord
    Ashling's Prerogative
    Falkenrath Marauders
    Goblin Marshal

    Godhead of Awe
    2x Hide/Seek
    Spellbound Dragon
    3x Evil Twin
    Oona, Queen of the Fae
    Charnelhoard Wurm (foil)
    Chorus of the Conclave
    Lightning Reaver (foil)
    Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
    Meteor Storm
    Maelstrom Archangel
    Anurid Brushhopper

    Sword of Vengeance
    Witchbane Orb
    Manor Gargoyle
    Runechanter's Pike
    Jalum Tome
    2x Myr Propagatpr
    Thopter Assembly
    Muse Vessel
    Ankh of Mishra
    Semblance Anvil
    The Rack
    Junkyo Bell
    Noetic Scales
    Kuldotha Forgemaster
    Knowledge Pool
    Spawnsire of Ulamog
    2x Decimator Web
    Quicksilver Amulet
    2x Creepy Doll
    Otherworld Atlas
    Myr Welder
    2x Cold Storage
    Myr Turbine
    2x jinxed Idol
    Horn of Deafening
    Spine of Ish Sah
    Rhyrexian Revoker
    Thran Golem
    Shimmer Myr
    Chalice of the Void

    2x Pendelhaven
    Mossfire Valley
    Karplusan Forest
    Icatian Store
    Rustic Claclan
    Primal Beyond
    3x Desolate Lighthouse
    Grim backwoods (japanese)
    2x Alchemist's Refuge
    Stensia Bloodhall
    Hephalia Drownyard
    Gavony Township
    2x Moorland Haunt

  • Find something small for past in flames?

  • hey tanner welcome back. any chance you'd have a riptide laboratory? onslaught i believe

  • Ill have a look but I wouldnt hold my breath the vultures in grande prairie loved their edh

  • no riptide Paul sorry. Updated kinda

  • Did you open any exra dissolves for that Spellheart Chimera?

  • Updated with Theros. Sorry Chris no extra dissolves. I have more than enough chimeras that if you I can just give it back or you can find something else

  • Dude, want that elspeth of yours. Got a mutavault and some blood moons for ya

  • sounds good to me. See you wednesday

  • Sweet deal broski

  • sooo about that foil silver gill adept….

    I have that, likely another non foil italian one, a cavern of souls, a phantasmal image, and a jap DD magma jet.

    I know its a stretch, but, all 5 for ($32) that thoughtseize (30)?

    nvm, don't have a second adept. but if you can find something that you'd be willing to do let me know.

  • As sweet as the foil silvergill sounds im not that interested in trading it towards thoughtseize, nor am i needing the caverns anymore. I am interested in the image though

  • I am interested in your Polukranos, World Eater and Elspeth.

    Check out my list and see if there is anything you could use or could use as currency like the shocks.


  • unfortunately i traded both tonight

  • Cursecatcher
    Magma Jet
    Curse of the Swine x2


    Fleecemane lion
    Grim Return

    Lets see if we can make a deal eh?

    Slinging cardboard since 1879


  • Hey Tanner,

    How about my:
    Anger of the gods

    For your:
    Bonescythe Sliver
    Boon Satyr

    Lemme know

  • I recently traded my boon satyr anything else you are looking for. If you still need a duskmantle seer i have one

  • Sorrry my cards were picked clean i no longer have fleecemane lion. If you could find something else that would be awesome. I have a sol ring if you were interested. We can find something to equal it out

  • Cursecatcher
    Magma Jet
    Curse of the Swine x2


    Sol Ring

    Don't know what set your Rings are from but most of them are worth 12. Does this work?

    Edit: Sol Rings are all different values. I'm just assuming 12 because commander is the most common one that people have.

    Slinging cardboard since 1879


  • I'm almost positive mine is from commander. I have a bunch more goodies if you have more cursecatcher. and Yah that sounds good I can drop it in the box on wednesday if you aren't there

  • Great, I won't be able to drop off my half until the 19-20th. And sorry, only have 1 cursecatcher outside of my set.

    Slinging cardboard since 1879


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