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  • A couple of cards have gone missing from the trade box at the shop. 1 copy of verdant catacombs and 1 copy of jace AOT. I know its easy to grab something by accident or maybe a couple extra cards ended up in the wrong sleeve.

    In this situation if you have those cards and nobody knows about it, it would be easy to just keep them and think of them as free. It would also be easy to drop them back at the shop and admit to yourself someone at somepoint had to pay for those and you wouldn't be impressed if the same thing happenend to you. Its not an outragous amount of value thats gone missing but it would be nice to see honesty triumph over greed.
    In the likely event that no one steps forward to return the missing cards, Im donating a Jace to replace the missing one, would be really cool if anyone else wanted to donate some value towards the missing catacombs so we can get that replaced as well.

  • You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • Look at the community not come together at all… Wow

  • forums have been getting quieter and quieter recently.

    id help out but i dont really have anything i can contribute to this

    What goes up must come sideways


  • @ travis: the easier thing to do would be rather than asking someone to donate a verdant see if someone has one that they'd trade for certain wants that the community could provide (it's easier getting multiple small donations than one big one).

    @ briars: yea you're right the activity has slowed down to nothing around here… probably just due to first week of school and all.

  • i think thats what he meant

    What goes up must come sideways


  • yea i just read it again. i can't usually help out in that regard either as i don't play standard, which is what most people will probably want. but you never know…

  • I've got a Japanese Garruk, Caller of Beasts I could put up.

    After I broke my foot I haven't been paying much attention. I can walk now though.

  • I'll drop off a verdant tonight or tomorrow

  • dropped a catacombs off

  • administrators

    A guy came into day with the catacombs and jace, they were accidentally put in his sleeve and he was a university student from out of town so he was just able to return it.

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