The Original Kyle's Trade Thread

  • Hey All,

    I'm going to be in town until Thursday morning, and have some trade stuffs! Will be attending WNM this week to sling some standard.


    Thundermaw Hellkite x3
    Scavanging Ooze x1
    Sire of Insanity x4
    Desecration Demon x4
    +random stuff

    Notable Standard Traders:
    Thragtusk x4
    Stromkirk Noble x4
    M13 Buddy Land Playset
    Shadowborn Demon
    Liliana of the Dark Realms
    Ash Zealot x3
    Liliana's Reaver
    Wolfir Silverheart
    Revenge of the Hunted x3
    Skirsdag High Priest
    Manaweft Sliver FOIL
    Hive Stirrings FOIL FULL
    Goblin Diplomats FOIL FULL

    Modern Traders + EDH
    Bloodhall Ooze x3
    Knight of the Reliquary
    Lightning Helix FOIL
    Woodfall Primus
    Deperate Ritual FOIL
    Spellstutter Sprite FOIL
    Eternal Witness
    Ethersworn Canonist
    Tidehollow Sculler
    Squee, Goblin Coffeemonger
    Grave Pact
    Meloku, the Clouded Mirror

    Legacy Traders:
    High Tide x3

  • im appalled by this thread name lol

  • It's true though

  • lol

  • uhhh no shit

  • did evil kyle bring his basic foils?!

  • Not sure :)

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