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  • Hey everyone!

    I have been out of the MTG game for about 10 years now, and I am really starting to get back into it!

    I have hundreds of cards that I just brought out of storage, mostly from the late 90's and early 2000's (Urzas Legacy/Saga) as well as many from random other sets.

    I was just wondering if I would be able to come by Quantum one night and watch some games for a few hours as I am completely out of the loop on the new formats (modern and others) and would like to be brought up to speed as well as start updating my collection to start building a competitive deck.

    If anyone could give me some tips on getting back into MTG after such a long absence that would be awesome!





  • Best bet would be to come for FNM at 6:00(6:30?) on Friday.

    Also there's articles on etc for decklists, playtips etc.

  • Hey thanks for the heads up bud!

    Is the FNM generally a full house? What is the most popular format of play at the moment?



  • All of the events held at Quantum are open for spectating. You can see the calendar of events on the right hand side of the webpage.

    Read articles on,,, and to get a handle on competitive decks. Watch the starcitygames online coverage of their tournaments every weekend.

    Once you figure out what deck you want to play, buy some cards, post your list of your good stuff from the older sets to trade for newer stuff thats hard to find (there are definitely EDH/Legacy players who would be interested).

  • Hey thanks for the info man! I would love to come by and watch on friday to get a feel for whats going on. I will do some research on the sites that were listed and and maybe ask around the shop there for advice on what direction to go as far as purchasing new cards.

    I will also put together a list of what I currently have and post it on here.

    Is there a site I can go to to find out the general value of what I have? I just have no idea if I have anything rare or not. All I know is that I have hundreds of them!

    I really appreciate the feedback!



  • or have prices.
    Most players here use for prices.

    You can purchase new cards from the shop one at a time. Or boxes or whatever. You're going to want to start with the Ravnica Block cards if Standard is what you're looking at (Modern only plays once every two weeks). Also there's a Booster Draft every two weeks, which is not a bad way to pick up cards and play without needing a pre-built deck. (Some players give away the commons/uncommons they do not need at the end of the draft).

  • Usually it's pretty full. So you can get a lot of spectating in.

    Standard by far. Then Draft. Then Modern.
    EDH if not at the store.

  • Badass! Sounds great man! Well im thinking I might be able to make it for friday night this week, but if not I will be there next week.

    Sounds like Standard is the format I should be leaning towards eh? Do the Ravinca Block cards come in boosters? or sealed decks?

    Also that booster draft sounds really slick too.

    Sorry to keep bombarding you with questions!

    Your advice is much appreciated



  • Yeah Standard is where it's at. I only recently started getting into Modern (haven't had time to make it to an event though (>_<))
    Ravnica block cards can be bought in booster packs, event decks or booster boxes (as well as individual cards).
    The Ravnica Block cards are the following sets: Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, Dragon's Maze.

    If you're looking for a cheap, pretty competitive deck Izzet Blitz is a decent one. It requires a bit of practice, but is pretty fun (not to mention pretty darn cheap/powerful lol).
    Under the Izzet Blitz section.
    Or here.

  • Standard it is!

    I trust I will be able to purchase the Return to Ravinca, Gatecrash and Dragons Maze at the shop?

    What would you recommend I do? Build through boosters? event decks? or booster boxes?

    What are the prices for these? (sorry I have been out of the game for a looong time!)

    That Izzet Blitz sounds badass too!



  • Yes all of those should be available at the shop

    these are all approximate prices: (plus tax)

    -booster pack $4.25
    -event decks $20
    -fat pack (contains 9 boosters, a spindown life die, a pack of basic land, the box itself to store decks in and whatnot as well as a visual spoiler guide of the set)$40
    -booster box (contains 36 boosters) $120

    i'd personally recommend a fat pack as they're quite good value for what you get…

    and although i loathe standard myself, it probably is the best place to start again because that's what the bulk of players in kelowna play and the card availability is great!

  • Yeah you can buy all that at the shop.
    Booster Packs are $4.25 I think.
    Booster Boxes are $125+tax I think. (36 booster packs)
    Fat Packs are also an option (Gives you a tonne of basic lands plus 9 booster packs for like $35)
    Event Decks are $20-25.

    It really depends on how you want to build. I used to buy a booster pack with every entry into an FNM in the beginning.
    Now I buy a box or two with every set that comes out and trade for the cards I need.
    There's a few event decks that are pretty decent (read: allow you to play without getting completely trounced every game until you can finish building a full deck) eg-Selesnya(dollar value wise, probably the best as you get more than the cost of the deck in the cards if you were buying singles) or Boros.

  • If you have a specefic deck in mind that you would like to play, I would suggest buying the individual cards from the shop. And trade for the rest of what they don't have in stock (or buy from a website). That way you can get together a deck as quick as possible and start playing. If you have an abundant amount of $$$ you can start buying boosters boxes to increase your collection and range of decks you can create.

  • Oh last website:

    It lists the top 8 decks from the last 10 events for each format. Which could give you a starting point for a deck-shell to start with.
    (Always start collecting with lands when you decide the deck you want to play, mana is the most important part).

  • Sounds great!

    You've been incredibly helpful!

    I think ill take a look into one of those fat packs to get my feet off the ground with a couple of booster packs.

    Do people still use the card sleeves (black/red backs to them) when they play? I see that I have them on most of my decks from 10 years ago haha



  • Perfect!

    thanks again for all the tips bud, you are making this so much easier on me!

    Hopefully see you guys friday night!



  • After you figure out what kind of decks you want to make. I would suggest trying to trade for the cards if you aren't attached to your older ones. I'd imagine there are lots of people (myself included) with loads of standard cards for trade that really appreciate the older cards. Just be sure to check the value of your cards at the Star City Games site( so you don't get ripped by any sharks lurking the waters. Here's the page where all the trade threads are:
    Here's the page for mine:
    I'm pretty open to trading standard stuff away for cards I don't really need if I'm helping someone newer in the process so keep that in mind when you're looking for cards.

    Good luck man.

    Slinging cardboard since 1879


  • Hey man sounds great! Ill compile the list of what I have and post it on here for all to see and if you see something you like im sure we can strike a deal!

    Do the older cards that I have still get used a lot? Or are more for collection?



  • That depends on the cards and the person/format. I use the Urza lands still… but I have my playsets already.

    Anyways, good luck. Always good to have a new Magic Player (just wish I could come in and play... darn work... lol)

  • Yeah i was thinking of saying something along those lines too. There are some people that'll try to hose you so always double check pricing before accepting a trade (at least until you start to learn prices better).

    Also i want to mention that the standard format is rotating in october. That means that the Innistrad block (innistrad, dark ascension,avacyn restored) and the magic 2013 (m13) core set are leaving the standard format, so basically most of the higher priced cards from those sets will drop in value (to a degree). Keep that in mind when trading your older cards which have a steady value for newer cards that have fluctuating price tags.

    And finally i myself being a primarily edh and casual vintage player would definitely be interested in cards from older sets (urza block especially!), so once you figure out what you want and possibly start your own trade thread maybe we can work something out. Here's the link to mine :

  • Hey man thanks for the friendly heads up.

    I will get to work over the next few days compiling the list of what I have and start a thread showing everything I have.

    I will be more than happy to listen to any and all offers! If there is something you really want I will make sure we can figure it out.

    Hopefully I will have a list made up and posted by sometime this weekend.

    And yeah, I will take a look through your trade thread as well and see what you have there.




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