Cube Draft - Saturday, July 20

  • Cube Draft (8 Player Maximum)
    Saturday, July 20th
    12:00 pm

    Location: Quantum

    1. Brandon


    The cube draft will fire at 6 people, but 8 would be great!
    Let me know if you can commit to the draft and I will add your name to the list. Also, the time is flexible - let me know if there is a slightly different time that would better work for you!

    Side note: I have no limit on the amount of time I can play. We will get in as many drafts as people are willing to. It is understandable if people have to leave after one or two drafts, so I will bring edh as well as Catan, Ascension, Munchkin, etc to keep the fun rolling all day!

  • No one yet! Someone needs to get some interest going at tonight's FNM. Lets get the word out and make this happen tomorrow!

  • Wish I could make it, but working nights I have to be sleeping at the time this is on, Best of luck getting people together.

  • Clearly this is not going to happen today. I will leave it up to you guys to find a time/day that works (if you want to draft at all)

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