Cube Draft - Tuesday July 16

  • Cube Draft (8 Player Maximum)
    Tuesday, July 16th
    7:00 PM

    Location: TBD

    1. Brandon
    2. Liam
    3. Marika
    4. Paul

    The cube draft will fire at 6 people, but 8 would be great!

    We are in need of a location to draft at… is there some place we can go to at 7pm? Anyone willing to host?
    I have the perfect draft location here in Penticton worst case if people were willing to make the trip.

    Let me know if you can commit to the draft and I will add your name to the master list.

    Side note: I have no limit on the amount of time I can play. We will get in as many drafts as people are willing to. It is understandable if people have to leave after one or two drafts, so I will bring edh as well as Catan, Ascension, Munchkin, etc to keep the fun rolling all night!

  • well if we can't find a host, penticton would work better for me anyways (wouldn't have to drive as far). Also just wanna let you know that i've never drafted before (mainly cuz i don't like sharing my packs haha) so i'll need a quick rundown before we start. i do have a basic idea of how it works though…

  • Alas Penticton does not work for us as we lack a vehicle.
    We are however down to get to anywhere in Kelowna that can host
    If it so happens that today does not end up working (a host can't be found etc) we can always try for another time as well as We'll always want to do this

    Also If given enough notice I could have enough space here to host but at this time Marika and I are in process of reorganizing the house so it wouldn't work for today.

  • That is fine, we will try and get it going in Kelowna. (No hard feelings :P )

    I will wait until 2pm, and then call it one way or another. Hopefully more people let us know if they want to cube draft tonight! That being said, we can draft with 4 people and just do a round robin tournament style if you guys wanted. Ideally there would be more, but 4 people is still very do-able.

    If we do not have someone who could host, is there some public place we could draft? We would often draft at the university or college in Calgary as they had no shortage of tables and were open 24/7. Is there any place like that in Kelowna we could use?

    Worst, worst case, we can do a Tim Hortons draft. They were always good with us in Calgary as long as we bought a coffee or something. Are there any MTG friendly Tim's in Kelowna?

  • I know of no Timmies that would discriminate against us four drinking their coffee and draft I don't know about other public spots though

  • Mission Tommies on Lakeshore its the closest Tommies this side of three bridge for you guys and the biggest Tommies to just a thought

  • Sorry guys something has come up and I'm not sure if ill be able to make it anymore…

  • Well, looks like cube is probably a no-go today.

    If anyone can make it today, still let me know and I will see if we can get it going with short notice.
    We will officially call it off if no one speaks up by 4.

    I will start a new thread later today for a Saturday cube draft.

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