Banisher Priest vs. Fiend Hunter?

  • Hey guys.

    For those of you who have been examining the spoiler cards, you may have noticed Banisher Priest. I know that it functions similar to Fiend Hunter, but doesn't allow a free re-entry when you kill it. Could someone explain how this works? I know somebody explained it at the last draft, but I've forgotten. Sorry.

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  • works the same way, its just a wording change

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  • It actually works very differently from Fiend Hunter.

    With Fiend Hunter there are 2 separate triggers that you can respond to, which allows the trick of blinking the fiend hunter in response to the first trigger to allow the second trigger to resolve and thus being able to exile a creature permanently.

    With Banisher Priest, you do not get that second trigger.

    I am not to sure by what you mean Kevin when you say "free re-entry"?

    Also Fiend Hunter is a "may" ability, and can target any creature, and Banisher Priest can only target an opponents creature and is not a "may" ability.

    EDIT: From chatting with Judges

    <finn2>: Hello, I have a question about Banisher Priest. When Banisher Priest leaves play and the exiled creature returns, does it trigger any ETB triggers?
    <Ytiruces>: Yes it does.
    <Ytiruces>: The creature is entering play from exile, just like after being Oblivion Ring'd or Fiend Hunter'd.
    <finn2>: So I can sum up the difference between Banisher Priest and Fiend Hunter as : 2 Seperate triggers for Fiend Hunter, Fiend Hunter is a "may" ability, and Banisher Priest can only target an opponents creature?
    <Eli-Work>: finn2: No, you can't, because you don't know how the new template works yet
    <Eli-Work>: Wait for the FAQ in a couple days.

  • Well most of what I said is true. It is further explained in the Magic Update bulletin for M14.

    Banisher Priest creates a "one-shot effect" that causes an object to change zones until a specified event occurs (leaves the battlefield). And if Banisher Priests leaves play before the initial zone change occurs, nothing happens and the target creature is not exiled.

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