Looking to sell my Chaos Marines Army

  • I have an extensive amount of miniatures, and I don't really play much 40k any more. I've posted an ad on Craigslist; hope you don't mind me posting a link to it:


    PA = Pre-Assembled
    IB = In-Box
    S = Sprue

    My army contains:

    3 Rhinos - 1 IB, 2 PA
    2 Predators - 1 IB, 1PA
    7 Plague Marines PA
    10 Terminators PA
    1 Terminator Lord PA, Well-Painted
    18 Cultists PA
    8 Daemonettes PA
    22 Chaos Marines PA
    Berserker Champion PA
    7 Berserkers PA, partially painted
    2 Defilers, 1 PA
    Abbadon the Despoiler
    Kranon, Chaos Lord
    Cultist Champion Anarkus, Well-Painted
    6 Aspiring Champions, S
    5 Tank Sprue
    1 Vindicator, S
    Dark Vengeance Pamphlet and Reference Sheet
    Chaos Space Marines Codex 6th AND 5th edition, hardly been used
    6th Edition Small Rulebook

    In total, this would normally be about $1,150… I'm selling it for $600.
    If interested, feel free to shoot me a text at 2505757606, or even email me at exploded_ocarinas@hotmail.com
    I can provide more photos of the army upon request.

    Oh, and if you live within Westbank, Kelowna, or Winfield, I would be glad to deliver it all to you. I'm usually available after 5 pm every day.

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