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  • Hello everyone!

    I am a graphic designer from Calgary, AB, and I just moved to Penticton. Penticton is great, but it is seriously lacking a Magic scene so I'm branching out to Kelowna.

    I mainly play vintage and EDH, but I also have a cube. I was hoping that we could set up a night to do a couple cube drafts at the store, someone's house, etc.
    My cube can accommodate 8 players, but 6 player cube drafts are super fun too! If you guys like it we could possibly set up a regular event or cube league.

    Let me know if anyone is interested (for cube or EDH). You can follow me on Twitter (@bmkmedia) or add me on Facebook.


    Brandon McKay

    List of People Interested
    -Summary (Brandon McKay)
    -Gordo (Gordon Tonner)
    -M.Wong (Manfred Wong)
    -evileyeball (Liam Turner)
    -yupa (Jeremiah Schmidt)

  • i play casual vintage and modern and have many edh decks of varying strengths. i may be down for a game or 2 sometime

  • I'm so down for this on so many levels. Got a MTGO cube or your own brew?

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • I'm glad you're down! Gather some other people so we can make this happen!

    It's similar to the MTGO cube, but not based on it. It's got my own twist on it to help enhance some archetypes.

  • That twitter name seems familiar, might've seen it with the eh-team or something but i'd definitely be down for some cube!

  • I'm good friends with Jay Boosh, he mentions me every now and then on the cast, I've also been on Commandercast flogging my twitter. :P

  • Why oh why do only Vintage/Legacy/EDH players move to Penticton….

  • Hey, I'm always open to other formats too. Modern is a good format, I just find standard sooooo boring. That being said, I will definitely play it if there are people locally that play it.

    Edit: To answer your question as to why only Vintage/Legacy/EDH players move to Penticton… they are the best formats around! EDH, IMO, is THE best format - especially 1v1 EDH. It is skill intensive, challenging and incredibly fun.

  • Well I play standard. I only play Modern during the Modern PTQ season.

    The last time I went to Castle Comics everyone was playing Eternal formats… I think they gather Saturday around noon.

  • Yea that sounds right. For some reason penticton only seems to have legacy/vintage players and ktown only has modern/standard players… It's weird but fairly accurate.

    And what happened to not mentioning competitors on the forums Chris? ;p

  • Limited is best format, just saying. Majority of the players in the region play standard/limited. We have around 10-12 modern players and legacy/vintage is very hard to get going just because of the lack of cards in the region. Should come by and draft next Friday though, good times and you get to meet the player base.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • My reference to it was more of a meeting place to play cards, than a place to buy them.

    I would hardly consider it a "competitor" to Quantum, and I bet you would agree with me.

  • ^Coming from the guy who scrubbed out of a Limited PTQ but Top 4'ed a constructed one…. :P

  • Lol yea I'm inclined to agree. Small selection and quite overpriced but rich is fun to talk to sometimes…

  • How big is the local player base - aka how big are your FNMs?
    I come from 128 man FNMs that get capped every week so I'm expecting this to be quite a different pace.

    I might come draft next Friday, maybe we can get a cube after-draft going too.

  • we can only hold about 24 people inside quantum for events.
    standard/limited events tend to fill up, modern only has about 10-12 players, sometimes we get more

    What goes up must come sideways


  • I just looked at the event for the Friday block draft and have a question. Is the prize payout only the promo cards, or does the store pay back entry fees in store credit, packs, etc.?

  • The general prize pay-out is 5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 2, 2 packs for 24 players, or at least something close to that. Friday events are usually capped with 20-24 players and Weds events are averaging from 10-16 people.

    Always having that one card and getting there since 2004.


  • I have a question… what is cube :P

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • Cube is the best limited format. It is a collection of the best cards in Magic's history (in my cube's case 360 cards). There is only 1 of each card allowed, and they are all very powerful. You then draft like you normally would with 3 "packs" of 15.

    Everyone should really try it atleast once! It helps if you know the cards or if you have been playing for a long time, but by no means is that a requirement. As long as you know how to draft I guarantee you will have a good time in cube!

  • On Sundays for Pre-releases Al rents out a hall and they usually cap out at 110 players.

    If you do play standard "competitively" let me know, I would be down for play testing since I will be heading to GP Calgary next month.

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