Anyone willing to share any deckmaking tips?

  • Hey. I've recently come back to Magic but this time from a different perspective. I used to just collect them because I liked the cards but I never got into playing competitively but I want to now. So I was wondering if anyone wanted to share any general deckmaking tips for making an ideal competitive deck.

    I know a couple things. I found out that in Standard that the minimum deck size is 60, and in most of these types of games sticking to the minimum is best because it increases your chances of drawing the cards you want to draw, and for every card you add past that the chances drop significantly.

    Sticking to the "chances of drawing" topic, I was wondering if anyone knew the 'ideal' number of lands in a deck that puts you in the sweet spot between being mana flooded and being mana starved. And if there are any particular techniques to figuring out the ratio between different colors of mana when you have a two-color deck that'll make drawing enough of each to facilitate the both colors.

    And if anyone has any other tips or corrections to my information/current knowledge I'd love to hear it!

  • I tend to count out the number of cards of each color and figure out the ratios
    Then take those ratios and apply them to my mana base

    To to and look at the to decks that are being played a) to figure out what you're up against, and b) to take a look at how they've arranged their decks and how the cards work together

    Also, dual lands are your friend

  • Read articles on and

    Also I think every Wednesday or Thursday Mike Flores writes an article on going over recent winning decks in multiple formats. Also every friday there is a decks of the week post listing decks from multiple MtgOnline events…

    Also every weekend there is a Starcitygames Event that is streaming live coverage from either or their website, its a great way to see how other people play magic and get a feel for the competitive scene.

  • Thanks for the advice! I'll look into those things. Thank you.

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