Yupa's trades

  • Wanted:

    old cards.

    Highest priority: Diamond valley, library of alexandria

    Any power 9
    legends urborg, moat

    I will come back and type up my binder of traders later.. here are some highlights..

    MM Tarmagoyf
    revised dual lands
    Foil snapcaster mage x2

    a fair amount of standard and modern cards

    I really, really want a diamond valley.. I have never attended friday night MTG but if I get a response for Diamond valley or library, I will come out tonight. (june 21)

    Edit: These are my decks and what cards I feel I might need for them:

    Red/white - standard token deck - Need: red/white shock lands, maybe another bonfire, that 1/1 guy that gets bigger when humans enter the field.. forget his name.. Just want 1..

    green/black - standard haste deck - Need: green/black shock lands, would like to upgrade to foils on many of the uncommons

    Red/blue - standard tempo deck¿ - Need: Foil ral zarek, blue/red shocklands, foil commons

    White/black - legacy/vintage reanimator deck - need: shallow graves, nicol bolas (legends), Nicol bolas planeswalker, alpha/beta stuff to pimp it out. (would love some beta nether shadows, or even fbb) I also need 3x scrubland for this deck

    I am always on the lookout for lands such as :

    Alpha/beta basic lands, FBB duals, unhinged lands

    I also appreciate Japanese cards and will go out of my way to trade for jap/foil jap cards that fit into the above decks.

    On a side note, as I don't really get out to the card shop often.. I am interested in playing games with new people, does anyone live near downtown and want to join me for tuesday night mtg?

  • Goodluck.

  • Hmm I think you may be out of luck with a want list like yours. Not too many people have high value legacy & vintage stuff around here (at least to spare). Any chance you have a ravages of war (from portal 3k)?

  • im interested in that Tarmogoyf, check out my thread. also if you find anything on my thread your interested in but cant reach the price of the goyf just let me know, and I will check out your thread once you have your other haves up.

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • Thought I knew someone with a library but alas it's gone now… I am interested in a few dual lands atm. Check out my thread for anything you may want. Also if there are any other cards you are looking for let me know and ill check and see if I have em unlisted. Main one I want is savannah


  • What in his post makes you think he would be at all interested in anything you have Bryce… His priority is a Library of Alexandria and a Diamond Valley and Power9 cards... I dont think you are going to get that Goyf...

  • Hahahaha, so pleasant Chris :P

  • worth a shot, never know till you tyr.

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • Just pointing out the obvious… hah.

  • I'd be up for those foil Snapcasters. Maybe we can work something out once you have some more wants listed.

  • Yeah I am new to Kelowna and only recently got back into MTG.

    Is there even a legacy/classic scene here?

    Sorry Magic Trader I did not see anything in your list :(

  • I would be interested in a JTMS for a foil snap + other cards to make up the value?

  • from my experience it seems like most people in kelowna play standard and modern with a handful playing commander (edh). i haven't heard of anyone playing eternal formats seriously since i started using the forums again 6 months ago… i play casual vintage and legacy once in a while as does behael. not sure who else does though.

    and that creature you were talking about is champion of the parish

  • I might be up for that or maybe even both foil snaps

  • i play a bit of legacy, not too good at it tbh as my decks are quite shit, but w/e.

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • still interested in working out something for your foil snapcasters?

  • I have a nicol bolas planeswalker from ur wants, if u could post more of your haves that would be great

    Current star deck: DTN! :D


  • Welcome to Kelowna, where are you coming from?? The scene surrounding the shop is definitely dominated by standard/edh play and recently the modern has picked up quite a bit due to the hosting of a modern ptq at Quantum. Also, the shop and a few of the players have cubes, however that scene doesn't seem to be getting the attention it deserves. The best bet for some good legacy action would be to try and get in touch with a local player by the name of Tyson, he is definitely one of the local legacy guys and is probably the best link to a few other players with card pools that deep.

    My list doesn't contain anything you seem to be after but if something pops up I'm trying to find the following…

    1x thoughtsieze
    revised duals

  • I have a FBB German Underground Sea that I'm looking to get rid of.
    I would trade for a WB Underground Sea (if you have one you want to upgrade) + Cash/Trade for it.

    I also have a FBB Japanese Nicol Bolas (old, not the TS reprint)

  • I have some Casual decks that would be legal in Vintage/Legacy but they are very very Casual get my ass handed to me by competitive decks decks.
    Unless you coun't my wierd golem deck which can if left unchecked win on turn 3….. However It has never faced, Force of will, Daze, etc.

    I also have some more casual decks that would play in various "Block" formats

    Many Standard

    2 EDH, and Am in the process of creating a custom 1/3 uncommons 2/3 commons cube
    Which comes to something you might be able to help me with
    I'll have older commons and uncommons (the final list soon) in my trade thread that I will need to get my hands on
    and I am looking in this cube to "pimp" as it were with oldest printings taking priority where they are affordable

    So you might be able to help me with the cube needs/pimps when I finish the list (just red white and black to go)

    also for you and those here that don't know me well EVERY SINGLE DECK I have ever crafted has been a list out of my own head.
    It may follow some sort of archetype or be based on some combo I've seen somewhere but its allways something interesting cool "Johnny" and rogue. I don't care if it goes 0-5 at a tourny as long as I had fun and it executed at least once it was worth it for me.

  • They are still for trade.. when will y ou be at the shop next? lets arrange a time to meet

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