Noah's Trade Thread.

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    Land: Mutavault

    Want's: Master Biomancer (High Priority)

    Experiment one x1

    Myr Superion x2 (2 extended art)

    Myr Incubator

    Myr servitor

    Genesis chamber


    Sundering Titan

    Steel overseer

    Karn Liberated

    Wurmcoil Engine


    Aether Vial

    Lodestone myr

    Mycosynth Golem

    Legacy Weapon

    Lotus Blossom




    Black: Dread Slaver

    Killing wave

    Harvester of Souls

    Dark Imposter

    Wit's End

    Desecration Demon

    Demonlord of Ashmouth

    Sever the Bloodline

    Underworld Connections

    Shimian Specter

    Ravenous Demon

    Gloom Surgeon

    Curse of Misfortunes

    Phylactery Lich

    Increasing Ambition

    Exquisite Blood

    Sepulchral Primordial

    Army of the Damned

    Descent into madness (Foil)

    Xathrid Gorgon

    Grave Betrayal

    Blue: Back from the Brink

    Stormtide Leviathan



    Lone Revenant

    Talrand, Sky Summoner


    Simic Manipulator

    Void Stalker

    Sphinx of the chimes

    Master of the pearl trident

    Deadeye navigator

    Spirit away

    Mind Shrieker

    Cyclonic Rift

    Diluvian Primordial


    Stolen Identity

    Conjured Currency

    White: Odric, Master Tactician

    Angel of Flight Alabaster

    Palisade Giant

    Elite inquisitor

    Faith's reward

    Intrepid hero

    Blind obedience

    Martial law (foil)

    Dearly Departed

    Divine Reckoning

    Luminate Primordial (Foil)

    Geist-Honored Monk

    Increasing Devotion

    Green: Elvish Archdruid

    Yeva, natures Herald

    Quirion Dryad

    Predatory Rampage (Foil)

    Silklash Spider

    Druids' Repository

    Gutter Grime (Foil)

    Creeping Renaissance

    Elder of Laurels

    Feed the Pack

    Kessig CageBreakers

    Sylvan Primordial


    Ground Seal

    Skaarg Goliath

    Death's Presence

    Champion of Lambholt

    Parallel Lives

    Red: Tyrant of Discord

    Guild Feud

    Alpha Brawl


    Markov Blademaster

    Flayer of the hatebound

    Chaos imps

    Hamletback Goliath

    Reforge the soul

    Zealous Conscripts (foil)

    Burn at the Stake


    Molten Primordial


    Dual Casting

    Charmbreaker Devils

    Reverberate (foil)

    Devil's play

    Chandra, the firebrand

    Artifacts: Stuff Doll

    door to nothingness

    Sands of delirium

    glaring spotlight

    pithing needle

    conjurers closet

    otherworld atlas

    creepy doll

    Witchbane orb (foil)

    manor gargoyle

    Grimoire of the Dead

    Trading post

    Multicolor/Hybrid: Slaughter games

    Merciless Eviction

    Mystic Genesis

    Whispering madness

    Righteous Authority

    Archon of the triumvirate (Pre release foil)

    Carnival Hellsteed (Pre release Foil)

    Firemane Avenger

    Soul ransom


    Firemind's foresight

    Unexpected results

    Nivmagus Elemental

    Cryptborn horror

    Biomass mutation

    Havoc festival

    Jarad's orders

    Signal the clans


    Gruul ragebeast

    Lavinia of the tenth

    Rubblebelt raiders

    Collective Blessing

    Corpsejack menace

    Evil Twin

    Emmara Tandris

    Jarad, Golgari lich lord

    Borborygmos enraged

    Grimgrin, corpse-born

    Growing ranks

    Wayfaring temple

    azor's elocutors

    Lands: desolate lighthouse

    hellion crucible

    cathedral of war

    stensia bloodhall

    Slayers' stronghold

    Maze's End

    Maze's End (FNM Foil)

    Grove of the guardian (foil)

    Thespian stage

    Non standard

    Black: Carnifex Demon

    Rune-Scared Demon

    Glistening oil

    necrotic plague


    Twilight's call

    Phyrexian plaguelord

    Praator's grasp

    Geth, lord of the vault

    Sheoldred, whispering one ( Pre release foil)

    Phyrexian negator (foil)

    Living Death

    Nihilistic Glee


    Blue: Redirect (M12 Foil)

    Conundrum Sphinx (foil)

    Argent Sphinx (foil)

    psychic surgery

    Mind unbound

    Distant memories

    Dissapation Field

    Visions of beyond


    jace's archivist

    grand architect

    archmage ascension

    Cerulean sphinx

    Echo mage

    quest for ula's temple

    Sphinx of magosi (foil)

    Gather Specimens

    White: aegis angel

    Blade splicer

    sunblast angel

    Eternal Dragon (San Francisco world championship September 2004, Signed)

    personal sanctuary

    phyrexian rebirth

    mesa enchantress

    Glorious anthem

    galepowder mage

    fuedkiller's verdict

    arbiter of knollridge

    talus paladin

    Angelic arbiter (foil)

    Green: Phyrexian hydra

    Creeping corrosion

    momentous fall


    overwhelming stampede (foil)

    Leyline of Vitality

    Wild Nacatl (FNM Foil)

    Beastmaster ascension

    Phyrexian swarmlord

    doubling chant


    mitotic Slime

    Voice of the woods

    Garruk's horde

    Putrefax (foil)

    Golgari grave-troll

    Red: Ball lightning

    warstorm surge

    slag fiend

    preyseizer dragon

    Hellion eruption

    spikeshot elder

    tunnel ignus

    Kazuul warlord

    molten Psyche


    hammerfist giant

    cerebral eruption

    Siege-gang commander (foil)

    Grim Lavamancer (foil)


    Chandra's pheonix

    Hoard smelter Dragon (foil)

    Jaya Ballard, task mage (foil)

    Kuldotha Phoenix

    Hammer of bogarden (foil)

    Hoarding Dragon

    warp world


    lavaball trap

    Artifacts: Phyrexian processor

    Brittle effigy

    nim deathmantle

    strata scythe

    tower of calamities

    Lirewire lash

    Druidic Satchel (foil)

    Decimator web

    myr propagator

    ratchet bomb

    Phyrexian colossus

    thopter assembly

    Semblance anvil

    myr welder

    sphinx bone wand

    contagion engine

    myr battlesphere


    Jinxed idol

    Multicolor/hybrid: Dragonlair Spider

    invoke the firemind

    djinn illuminatus



    demigod of revenge

    Darigaaz, the igniter

    dimir cutpurse

    Razia's purification

    Thromok the insatiable

    Venser, The sojourner (Dual Deck)

    Lands: eldrazi temple

    contested war zone

    Desert (FTVR)

    glacial chasm (FTVR)

    Shivan gorge (FTVR)

    murmuring bosk (FTVR)

    Cephalid coliseum (FTVR)

    windbrisk heights (FTVR)



    skin render

    explosive impact

    isperia's skywatch


    villagers of Estwald


    blisterstick shaman

    spectral gaurds

    selesnya sentry

    angelic wall



    keldon marauders


    hellspark elemental

    keldon champion

    lightning bolt

    codex shredder

    spawn of rix maadi

    neurok invisimancer

    reap of seagraf

    deviant glee

    vampire interloper

    falkenrath torturer

    mist raven

    primal visitation

    vulshock sorcerer

    burning vengance

    jackal pup

    hexplate golem

    phyrexian hulk

    origin spellbomb

    merfolk of the pearl trident

    cinder pyromancer

    sudden impact

    gruesome deformity

    morkrut banshee

    duskhunter bat

    death's approach

    plated seastrider

    death-hood cobra

    Grasp of phantoms

    forbidden alchemy

    barbarian ring

    spark elemental


    fire servant

    boggart ram-gang

    chain lightning


    ember beast



    kindled fury ghitu encampment

    flesh eater imp

    yavimaya wurm

    prophetic prism


    encrust mark of the vampire

    drudge beetle

    moment of heroism

    village cannibals

    lost in the mist

    soul parry


    price of progess

    torch fiend

    demonic taskmaster


    frostburn weird

    tormented pariah

    crossway vampire

    desperate ravings

    mogg fanatic


    teetering peaks.

    Noah MacDonald


  • Hey noah

    I don't really think I have too much in the way of simic stuff at the moment but I'm interested in the following from your list:

    Solemn simulacrum (if its m12 art)
    Leyline of anticipation
    Ancient tomb (ftv)

    Maybe browse my thread and see if u come across anything you want?

  • I really like some of your artifacts.. if possible could you select any more of my cards, because yours I like are scourglass, wurmcoil pregenitus, and darksteel forge.

    Noah MacDonald


  • Wurmcoil is in my wants list and not in my haves… But the rest should b available! Ill take another look at your list and make u an offer in a bit when I get home

  • alright here goes:

    progenitus (conflux) $20
    scourgless $1.50
    darksteel forge (darksteel) $13

    ancient tomb (ftv: realms) $10
    advent of the wurm $8
    solemn simulacrum (m12-?) $3.50
    leyline of anticipation $2
    invoke the firemind (izzet vs golgari-?) $0.75
    prophetic bolt (izzet vs golgari-?) $1
    galvanoth $0.50
    echo mage $1
    dual casting $0.50
    cyclonic rift $2.50
    burning vengeance (foil) $0.50
    pillage (pds: fire and lightning-?)(foil) $1
    mountain (foil) $1
    forest (foil) $1
    plains (fnm foil) $1?

    like i said previous i'm only interested in new art solemn simulacrum. other cards i guessed on the editions based on the other cards you had… let me know if they are correct.

    *i couldnt seem to find a FNM plains listed on starcity... what would you value it as?

  • also if you want people to find your thread easier you should move it over to "hawker's alley" - "ccg"

  • Yes the Solemn simulacrum is from M12, and invoke the firemind is from izzet vs golgari, and pillage is from fire and lightning. and the FNM plains I'll put price a $1.50 since it's a FNM Foil but any other cards I could interest you in I really like that artifact list? I have some shocklands and dual lands if you are interested?

    Noah MacDonald


  • Yes the Solemn simulacrum is from M12, and invoke the firemind is from izzet vs golgari, and pillage is from fire and lightning. and the FNM plains I'll put price a $1.50 since it's a FNM Foil but any other cards I could interest you in I really like that artifact list? I have some shocklands and dual lands if you are interested?

    Noah MacDonald


  • O you wanted more than what u listed? Well then yes I am always up for shocks and dual lands. Make me an offer or list what you are willing to trade

  • It would be a lot easier to offer to make a trade if your "wants" said more than "I want Simic stuff"

    You said you wanted a Zegana (5) which I am willing to trade.
    I am interested in your Ancient Tomb (10) and your Forbidden Orchard (4)
    Also I assume you have the Maze of Ith that came in that box aswell, let me know if there's anything you would trade for it.

    "Welcome to perfection."
    -Sheoldred, Whispering One


  • I have a godless shrine

    Noah MacDonald


  • Yea I'd be very interested in a godless shrine and any other spare shocks or duals u may have. Let me know what you are interested in from my artifact list?

  • Karn, silver golem?? :D

    Noah MacDonald


  • Karn, silver golem??

    Noah MacDonald


  • I can't trade ancient tomb it's already in a different trade, but I can trade forbidden orchard, anything else you want from my list?

    Noah MacDonald


  • yea i can trade the karn. im just looking at your new wants now and seeing what i have. did u have any other lands you could spare too or just the single godless shrine?

  • I could also trade a hallowed fountain but that's about it.

    Noah MacDonald


  • I could also trade a hallowed fountain but that's about it. and let me know if you have any of the stuff on my list plz and thank you.

    Noah MacDonald


  • did you need multiples of any of your wants or just 1 of each?

  • alright i have the following off of your list (wasn't sure how many of each you needed so i just put down how many i have available):

    1x progenitus (conflux) $20
    1x scourgless $1.50
    2x darksteel forge (darksteel) $13ea
    1x karn silver golem (urza's saga) $4
    4x tidehollow strix $0.50ea
    1x Metallurgeon $0.25
    4x etherium sculptor (3 shards of alara, 1 modern masters) $6 + $1
    2x prototype portal $0.50ea
    1x unwinding clock $2.50
    1x ancient den (planechase) $2
    1x seat of the synod (planechase) $2
    1x Stalking Stones (mirrodin) $0.25
    4x Krasis Incubation $0.25ea
    4x battering krasis $0.15ea
    1x plasm capture $2

    and the cards of yours that i'm interested in (in order of importance):

    1x godless shrine $15
    1x hallowed fountain $10
    1x ancient tomb (ftv: realms) $10
    1x plains (fnm foil) $1.50
    1x advent of the wurm $8
    1x prophetic bolt (izzet vs golgari) $1
    1x solemn simulacrum (m12) $3.50
    1x leyline of anticipation $2
    1x burning vengeance (foil) $0.50
    1x invoke the firemind (izzet vs golgari) $0.75
    1x galvanoth $0.50
    1x dual casting $0.50
    1x mountain (foil) $1
    1x forest (foil) $1
    1x pillage (pds: fire and lightning)(foil) $1
    1x echo mage $1

    someone else is also interested in the progenitus btw so let me know if it's crucial to our trade thanks! i would make an offer but since i have no idea on how many of each card you want/need i'll leave that up to you…

  • But I want:
    Scourglass x1
    Darksteel forge x1
    Karn, Silver Golem x1
    tidehallow strix x2
    metallurgeon x1
    Etherium sculptor x4
    Prototype portal x1
    unwinding clock x1
    ancient den x1
    seat of synod x1
    stalking stones x1
    krasis incubation x3
    battering krasis x4
    plasm capture x1.

    Noah MacDonald


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